Pramata Customer Relationship Intelligence™

Integrated customer contracts, billing and CRM data.


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Clean, up-to-date and normalized data
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The Pramata Customer Relationship Intelligence™ Solution

From unstructured data to relevant, meaningful intelligence about your most valuable customer relationships.

Extraction and Analysis

Pramata extracts intelligence about your customer relationships from unstructured data sources and organizes them in one central place, regardless of where they originated, are stored or format.

  • Contracts and documents are collected and input via secure FTP, e-signature, from hard copies and other sources
  • Data is extracted using a combination of proprietary, automated extraction technologies and technology-assisted manual review specifically designed to capture the underlying meaning of unstructured text.
  • Accuracy is ensured through advanced QA processes that utilize quality algorithms and also hands-on review by contract and enterprise software experts. They scrutinize sources, data models and content at each step to make certain the data is comprehensive and up-to-date.
  • Information is further organized into document families, precisely mapping customers and customer hierarchies. This process virtually guarantees there are no gaps in information or reporting, and no duplicates.
  • Extracted contract data is normalized into a structured output based on the underlying meaning of legal text. It maps to your preferred terms and definitions and is in the context of your business objectives, so it is understandable and actionable by business teams.
  • Pramata helps ensure a comprehensive view of customer relationships by integrating customer data from contracts with information found in ERP and business intelligence systems, data warehouses and even individual spreadsheets.
  • Data models are based on use cases and built to support business objectives and reporting requirements, and support both current and future ad hoc analysis.
  • Pramata has pioneered and documented best practices for the analysis and reporting of customer intelligence from contracts. So you are assured of getting critical customer information that is complete, current, actionable and accessible.
  • Pramata is ISAE 3402 Type II certified to ensure the highest levels of security.

Clean and up-to-date customer data

Pramata produces clean customer data that is free of duplicates, corrupted or inaccurate records.  It’s the refined fuel that powers deep insight into customer relationships.

  • It’s comprehensive, including precise details such as product versions and services purchased and when they are up for renewal; pricing terms and conditions; entitlements; commitments and end-of-life provisions.
  • Pramata integrates billing data from financial systems with clean customer contract data, making it easy to spot gaps between what your customer has agreed to purchase and what they’ve actually paid for. We add relationship history and contact info so everything needed to engage the customer is right at hand.
  • The high quality cleansed data is up-to-date and provides a complete picture of accounts.

Insight to Action

Pramata delivers essential intelligence about your most valuable customer relationships in the format and framework you want, because great reporting and analysis solutions drive great results.  Views are tailored to the levels and functions of the user – and we make it fast and easy to go from insight to action.

Pramata Navigator is the native Pramata reporting and data navigation solution that is intuitive and easy to use, while providing instant access to key facets of your customer relationship, including original documentation and associated intelligence.

Pramata for CRM is the solution for sales professionals, who tap into intelligence about their customer relationships in the same CRM solution they use to manage their pipelines.  They don’t have to learn anything new and it’s one click from identifying an action to creating an opportunity.

Intelligence to power your key business initiatives

Pramata helps you use intelligence about customer relationships to keep and grow those relationships.  And to compress sales cycles, manage risk and grow revenue.