Providing accurate, complete meaningful answers to previously unanswerable questions. 
Answers that hold the key to growing and retaining your most valuable customer relationships.
This is the mission that drives us.

Pramata Mission

Born of our CEO Praful Saklani’s own personal experiences and frustration with the complex business contract process, Pramata thrives on helping our customers refine and transform messy contract data and disparate billing and CRM systems into a singular, actionable source of Customer Relationship Intelligence. The result? Immensely more profitable, collaborative and compliant digital customer relationships across your sales, finance and legal teams.

No other technology—be it contract lifecycle management, customer relationship management, financial ERP or another—solves the need for accurate, timely and complete customer agreement insights the way Pramata does.

We’re headquartered in Brisbane, Calif., but we’re hard at work in some of the largest and most sophisticated Fortune 1000 enterprises worldwide, including CenturyLink, Truven Health Analytics, FICONovelis, NCR, Valspar, HP Enterprise and Medtronic.

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