There had to be a better way.

Founded in 2005, Pramata was born of our CEO Praful Saklani's own personal experiences and frustration with the complex business contract process. While navigating the acquisition of a previous company, Praful became keenly aware of how difficult it was to keep track of contracts and the commercial relationships that were tied to them. When he asked his friends at Fortune 500 companies whether it was any easier for them, they said “not even close!

A closer look at the problem revealed the critical “so what?” That millions of dollars in customer lifetime value are lost every quarter to chronic billing errors that cause widespread revenue leakage, and to misinformed sales efforts that stifle revenue growth and revenue retention.  

Our personal experience of the problem, and collaboration with our customers has led to our company’s mission: 

To eliminate revenue leakage and maximize the lifetime value of B2B commercial relationships, by ensuring that billing, sales and operations teams can fully leverage all of the commercial information contained in contracts, orders and associated deal documentation. 


Giving B2B enterprises the impossible

Pramata developed a systematic solution to this vexing challenge for large B2B enterprises. It starts with our best-in-class Commercial Relationship Baseline. With it, billing and sales teams always know what their customer owns, their current terms and the price they agreed to pay. By deploying targeted solutions that leverage the Baseline, companies can empower optimized behavior in billing, sales and customer management processes to significantly improve revenue performance. 

We’re hard at work in some of the largest and most sophisticated Fortune 1000 enterprises worldwide, including CenturyLink, McKesson, FICO, Novelis, NCR, Vertafore, Micro Focus and Comcast Business.

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