The ASC 606 deadline is fast approaching—your team needs to quickly find all the revenue recognition tripwires in thousands of complex contracts—there are more documents than anyone thought—and no one is certain you have them all. Meanwhile, your auditors keep changing their guidance. And the worst part, if it all goes wrong, you face serious restatement risk. What to do?

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The ASC 606 Clock is Ticking: Brute Force Isn’t Your Only Option

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Using our human assisted AI platform, we will digitize 50 contracts of your choice 
tailored to your rev rec team, all without your team entering a single piece of data! 
We’ll show you how we flag any potential revenue factors (aka tripwires). And, you’ll get to keep the final analysis.

Let us share how we have helped Novelis and NCR harness their compliance-critical data to identify and mitigate hidden risks, ultimately leading to improved revenue recognition and ASC 606 compliance.
With Pramata they are able to:

Automatically identify tripwires  freeing teams from hunting down revenue-relevant data

Significantly improve controls  enabling performance obligation then monitoring progress

Centralize all customer contracts – with rev rec analysis in a unified system of record


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