The ASC 606 Clock is Ticking: Brute Force Isn't Your Only Option!

Learn a new and easy approach to achieve ASC 606 Compliance & Improve Revenue Growth



You can transform your rev rec process and set yourself up to comply with ASC 606 by taking a whole new approach like Novelis and NCR recently did.

In this 30-min informational webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness & centralize all compliance-critical data in a unified system of record with rev rec analysis

  • Eliminate data-hunting without your rev rec team intervening or entering data

  • Automatically Identify tripwires to significantly mitigate risks

  • Significantly improve controls to enable performance

At the same time, you’ll gain a comprehensive 360-view of your commercial relationships to help improve revenue growth.  

Plus, we have a special offer for you. 


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About the Speakers:

Justin Schweisberger, CPO at Pramata, has extensive experience guiding large implementations projects in support of retention, post-merger integration, contract risk assessment and business process initiatives. Previously, he was a project manager at the Husch Blackwell law firm, managing due diligence activities around merger and acquisition activities, including Hindalco’s $6 billion acquisition of Novelis. He graduated from Harvard College with an AB in psychology.

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Kevin Crothers, Pramata’s Director of Solutions, has a strong track record of improving productivity across several vertical industries to create new market opportunities and drive revenue growth.  He spent the last 10 years architecting solutions that address the challenges of unstructured and diverse data sources to drive new business insights.  His expertise is delivering practical solutions that leverage search technology, analytics, business intelligence, AI and big data initiatives.

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