Don’t Let Complex Customer Data Ruin Your Prospects for Growing Revenue

Does your company struggle with thorny contract negotiations and seek to standardize customer relationships at all costs? If so, you could missing out on bigtime revenue opportunities, too.

Industry analysts tell us as much as 80 percent of revenue sits in your existing customer base, waiting to be captured. It’s also true that complexity comes with the territory in large, B2B customer relationships. As a general rule, you’ll find the more valuable the customer, the more complex the contracts and agreements tend to be.

It’s clear that in the quest for bigger revenue, relationship complexity isn’t going away. Rather than avoid it, it’s time for companies to master it—and capitalize on it. And that means finding a way to capture, access and activate the most current, relevant customer information.

What would it take to build that 360-degree view of your customer relationships? What would a systematic approach need to do with your data to embrace the complexity and transform it into competitive advantage?

Employing the right digitization strategies across sales, finance and operations can help you elevate the value of your customers throughout the revenue lifecycle. Download 7 Ways to Master Your Complex Customer Relationships.