Summer is the time for big blockbuster movies – in Pramata’s case, it’s blockbuster moves!


The blockbuster storyline for our Summer ’17 Release stars a new suite of analytics apps with human-assisted AI and visualization capabilities. A perfect addition to our first-of-its-kind, revolutionary commercial relationship operations platform that is at the center of helping companies ultimately increase their revenue by millions of dollars a year, mitigate risk and more.

In fact, Dana Terrien at SiriusDecisions puts it like this:

“The first company to create a solution that scales and enforces contracts compliance with artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize post sales commercial relationships the same way the salesforce automation platform vendors revolutionized lead and funnel management.”

That’s quite a statement. By the way, Dana is research director for sales ops strategies with the research and consulting firm.

It’s hard these days to even remember how sales reps used to get by without their sales automation and CRM tools. Today’s post-signature contract processes will seem just as antiquated before long, and we believe that Pramata is the company that will lead that charge into the new era where companies won’t live without operationalizing their data.

*Spoiler alert*

I don’t want to give too much of a sneak preview—you can get all the details of our Summer ’17 Release here—but here’s a quick rundown of the all-star cast of new apps:

Renewal Manager: Proactively manages renewals and expirations to drive revenue retention and expansion.

Revenue Opportunity Manager: Helps you maximize revenue and profit and align pricing strategy based on financial terms in contracts.

M&A Integration Manager: Enables you to leverage contract and transactional information to accelerate merger and acquisition integration.

Risk Scoring Manager: Allows you to quantify, measure and minimize risk in trading-partner relationships.

Commitment & Entitlement Tracker: Lets you track performance of trading partners against operational metrics defined in contracts.

And what do Pramata customers say about the new release?

“The magic of Pramata is that they give me the data I need, pulled from my customer contracts and systems across my business, to drive revenue and reduce risk,” said Dan Carr, Vice President of Sales Operations, Comcast Business. “The new…features in the Summer ’17 release will help us move even faster and gain even more customer value.”

Now we have to figure out how to top this release. I suspect the product folks have an idea. Stay tuned!