Three Keys to Elevating Your Customer Relationship IQ - Part 2

Part 2: Timing—and Meaning—is Everything Last time we talked about Creating Intelligence You Can Trust and how your CRM or billing system fields may be “complete” but may not equate to accuracy. For truly complete information you can trust, the secret lies in a consistent method for tapping concrete, info-rich complex contracts and delivering that digital intelligence to those executing your downstream processes when and how they need it.

Today, most companies operate in reactive mode when it comes to using customer relationship information. Do your sales execs wait for information like expiration dates and upsell opportunities to come to them? If so, it’s likely that customer is already well down the road of evaluating other vendors.

Does your finance team explore opportunities for cost pass-throughs or chargebacks early on or only in fire drill mode when quarterly revenue numbers look iffy?

Same for operations and legal teams—are compliance and term changes top of mind every day or only when threats arise?

It’s obvious that in order for all of these functional areas to successfully maintain their role in nurturing and growing value throughout the customer lifecycle, timely access to information is critical. But it’s just as important for that information to be meaningful in the moment. In other words, context is key.

At Pramata, once complex contract information is digitized and refined, it’s combined with those other relevant sources of insight, including sales CRMs and client billing systems. The result is a single source of truth that’s not only accurate but also relevant.

Presenting customer information within the specific user’s familiar context is the real difference between static data and active intelligence. It’s also the difference between proactively growing customer value and waiting for opportunity (or threat) to find you. And in today’s competitive market, can you really afford to wait?

Next time we’ll wrap up our series on Elevating your Customer Relationship IQ with our final installment on Synchronizing the Customer Lifecycle.