Is understanding Right of Entry keeping you from booking deals?

I’m always excited when my company solves an interesting challenge for our customers. Recently, we’ve been working with long-time Pramata customer Comcast Business on a very special project called the Right of Entry Program.

The Comcast Business mission is to expertly expand its leading network of business solutions while delivering the highest quality of customer service. In order to do that, Comcast Market Development Reps must locate an existing Right of Entry agreement for each building to be installed, or negotiate a new agreement if one does not exist. Right of Entry means having permission from the building’s landlord or owner to install the Comcast services.

Sounds simple, but it’s not.

Before leveraging Pramata, Comcast Business had thousands of documents in shiny filing cabinets, random drives, PDFs, and scattered in other various systems. Market Development team members could waste countless hours searching for appropriate contracts.

Now, after partnering with Pramata, all 100,000 of the contracts are digitized, stored in one place, and immediately actionable for the people who need them.

Kandice Cahill, Comcast Business senior leader says: 

“Having this information at our fingertips enables greater efficiencies in our sales and order entry work streams. Before Pramata, it could take days searching for the appropriate information. Now it takes seconds. The Pramata solution also allows for healthier management of our real estate agreements; it will truly change the way we build and foster relationships within our communities.”

That’s the beauty of Pramata.

We solve tough business challenges in a sophisticated, yet practical way. I love making a difference in the lives of our customers!