Congrats to our friends at Volition Capital!

Larry Cheng Volition Capital

$250 million in capital commitments is no small feat. But we’d expect nothing less from our friends and colleagues at Volition Capital who just closed that truly impressive amount on their third fund in an amazingly short period of time—six weeks! When Volition led the charge in Pramata's Series A funding round last year, we knew we were working with a growth equity firm with a distinct collaborative philosophy that aligned very well with how myself and the Pramata management team looked at our business.

As Larry Cheng, Volition Capital managing partner and Pramata board member, has written in his illuminating blog post on the new fund, Volition is both a “conservative and aggressive firm.” At Pramata, we view ourselves in the same way—we are aggressive in creating a powerful and path-breaking suite of digitization solutions. But at the same time, we are conservative in that we deliver what we say (no vaporware!) and we like to run our company as a healthy and profitable business.

With the support of Volition and our other valuable investors, Pramata is hitting its stride in a very big way. We’re digitizing valuable untapped customer data from contracts, billing systems, and CRM systems for some of the largest companies in the world. By partnering with us, they’re leveraging digitalization services and unlocking critical information about complex customer relationships to illuminate and drive actions that are vital to growth and profitability. Ultimately establishing Pramata's Digitization Cloud Platform as a fundamental solution to drive results for finance, sales, operations and legal teams alike.

Entrepreneurs need more financial partnership options of the caliber Volition offers. It has been a wonderful partnership so far, and we look forward to becoming one of their market-leading home runs; adding to their outstanding track record. I’m also very excited to see the next class of Volition-funded companies and follow their own stories of success.

My hearty congratulations to Larry, Roger, Sean, and the rest of the Volition team. Cheers!

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