A 5-Minute Read on How to Turn Your Enterprise Data Into a Business Asset Today

Investment advisers are forever telling us that we need to “make money work harder,” it’s a good reminder that it’s wasteful to have resources sitting around under-utilized. It’s not just cash that should be put to the best use, though—it’s any asset. For many businesses, enterprise data is a massive, largely overlooked asset that could be used to create value.

That’s especially true for commercial relationship data generated by customers, suppliers and partners. Finance, legal and sales operations teams rely on this information to make thousands of decisions every day. Yet they often struggle to access the data they need. The results: squandered opportunities for revenue generation and unnecessary risk.

Our new e-paper explains how you can get more value out of your data—quite possibly a whole lot more than you might have imagined. Check it out Enterprise Data: Curse or Opportunity in the Digital Age. You’ll learn:

  • How enterprise data can power enterprise value. We explain why businesses tend to underestimate the value of their data, and how to drive process efficiencies, fix revenue leaks, and reinforce risk management.

  • The roots of data chaos. Why companies have so much trouble monetizing their data resources?

  • 3 places where your data is trapped. These major bottlenecks hamper companies’ ability to answer even straightforward questions like “What have our five biggest customers bought from us in the past five years?”

  • The cure for data chaos. Why usable, proprietary data is the cure for data disorder, and its five essential characteristics.

  • 5 steps to success. How to operationalize your commercial relationship data.

This practical guide is a five-minute read, and well worth your time if you’re interested in discovering a whole new approach to leveraging your enterprise data and making it a business asset.

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