Behold the Commercial Relationship Baseline

Spark a revenue revolution with this essential resource

Just as a doctor needs a baseline of her patient’s overall health so she can make decisions to provide the best long-term care, so it also goes for B2B enterprises wanting to make the right decisions to take better care of customer lifetime value (LTV). Sadly, you can’t simply run a few diagnostic tests to create an accurate Commercial Relationship Baseline.

Relationships are constantly changing, with new customer orders or renewals, amended contract or pricing terms, or even account changes stemming from a company acquisition. The fact is, hundreds of people across your organization are making critical decisions without an understanding of your commercial relationships. That means millions in revenue may be lost—on inaccurate bills, missed price uplifts, weak sales offers, slow deal approvals and poorly executed renewals.

Organizing and prioritizing all the moving parts of the commercial relationship baseline, presenting it usefully to front-line teams, and keeping it fresh can seem impossible. But without it, billing errors erode current customer value leading to widespread revenue leakage. And misguided sales opportunities fail to optimize the full revenue potential of your installed base. 

Billing and sales efforts flow from the baseline

The Commercial Relationship Baseline is the essential foundation in eliminating revenue leakage and driving revenue optimization. Only Pramata can create and maintain the Baseline related to each of your customers with ongoing precision. With the Baseline you will always know for each customer:

  • related entities and accounts

  • what products or services each customer entity owns

  • product- and service-specific pricing and discounts

  • the commercial terms related to each product or service

  • product- and service renewal or expiration dates

Here’s the crucial part—we update the Commercial Relationship Baseline on a daily basis to deliver a single resource that tells you what is true right now for each of your customer relationships.

With the Baseline established, we can help you create targeted solutions to eliminate revenue leakage or drive revenue optimization or both! By mapping the Baseline to the actual transactions within your billing system to help you stop losing revenue to billing errors. Or mapping it to your sales CRM or CPQ systems so you can capitalize on stronger, faster upsell and renewal strategies.

Why can’t your company do this alone?

The idea of generating a Baseline may sound simple, but odds are your teams have tried. And even if they’ve succeeded in amassing and organizing commercial terms for each account, that information became outdated almost as quickly as it was gathered. The fact is that highly negotiated B2B relationships have proven too complicated to tackle internally. It requires a systematic, repeatable solution that allows you to:

Learn how we do it and more about our targeted Revenue Leakage and Revenue Optimization solutions. You can also read up on Pramata’s best-in-class Commercial Relationship Baseline in our Spring ’19 press release.