Treating the cause of revenue leakage via the biggest symptoms


Pramata’s Spring 2018 Solutions Release

In our human lexicon, it requires some pretty significant markers for something to warrant “epidemic” status. It’s a term not to be taken lightly, because more often than not, it indicates a widespread and uncontained threat to our collective health.

In the case of revenue leakage, I’ll argue the use of “epidemic” is not an overstatement. We’re talking about an unmitigated threat to business health and profitability—one that in our 12+ years of working with large B2B companies, we’ve seen drain millions of dollars from across their customer portfolios. The numbers don’t lie. We’ve validated that large B2B enterprises are consistently leaking 2-4 percent of revenue each year.

Widespread revenue leakage shows itself in the current commitments you aren’t capturing, but also in the missed opportunities to optimize the full Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of your contracted commercial relationships.

At Pramata, we’re all about effecting the greatest benefit in the fastest time for our customers. That’s why, after painstaking research and hundreds of conversations with our customers and industry leaders, we’ve developed four targeted solutions with a single purpose—to effectively eliminate revenue leakage for our customers.

Four solutions. One purpose.

The potential for revenue leakage exists all along the customer lifecycle, specifically at four key points of inflection. Our Spring 2018 Release features four complete solutions built to target each of these key revenue moments.

Solution: Billing Accuracy

Objective: Eliminate revenue leakage with every invoice

Without access to the current pricing and commercial terms related to a specific order or service, missed revenue and customer over-charging can add up to more than 2% (hundreds of millions in revenue) annually.

Solution: Entitlement & Pricing Reconciliation

Objective: Ensure customers are meeting commitments

By not regularly auditing pricing, billing and entitlements, companies expose themselves to tens of millions of dollars in missed revenue and service penalties every single year. 

Solution: Deal & Order Acceleration

Objective: Accelerate deals with current customers

When it comes to selling to existing customers, finding the right MSA, determining current pricing, and applying the right discounts can add weeks to a sales cycle. It also wastes active sales time, while leaving companies exposed to millions in over- or under-discounting.

Solution: Account Research & Renegotiation

Objective: Enable a More Strategic Approach to Upsell and Renewal Opportunities

Every quarter, customer renewal and expansion negotiations represent an opportunity to revisit commercial terms and improve the economics of customer relationships. Unfortunately, most sales managers struggle to prioritize opportunities across portfolios, while account managers don’t have advance knowledge of accurate cross-sell and negotiation terms within their own accounts.

Treating the root cause eliminates the symptoms

Each of these points in the customer lifecycle represent an opportunity for your sales, deal desk, billing, and operations teams to capture more revenue IF they have the right information. I’ve said it before: This is a data problem, not a process or technology problem.

Our targeted Pramata solutions put an end to the countless hours your team spends piecing together the current customer relationship terms—such as products, pricing, discounts, expiration dates and commitments—that are spread across dozens or hundreds of MSAs, amendments, order forms and more.

In each of these revenue events, Pramata does the heavy lifting for our customers. Using your commercial documentation, mapped to key data from your billing and other core systems, we create an intelligent view of the current state of the commercial relationships across your portfolio. Then we present this valuable info in the most useful way for your frontline billing and sales teams to act on it.

Ask us for your own personal Impact Assessment and we’ll show you exactly how to cure your revenue leakage for good.