Shifting to solution sales

CenturyLink is on a mission to change the way it serves enterprise customers, transitioning from a traditional product emphasis to more of a true solution sale.

The transition was handicapped by missing, incomplete or inaccurate customer information scattered across legacy systems and acquired businesses. Sales teams were spending far too much time searching for customer information and too little time actually engaged with customers, impacting customer retention and slowing growth.


"Being able to sell a solution starts with understanding the customer and what motivates them. Pramata is invaluable, providing us with good, actionable data from customer contracts."

Mike Sitter, Sales Effectiveness Executive


Comprehensive customer information is key to solution sales

Getting the right customer information in front of sales teams at the right time is the goal of every sales ops and sales management professional. To help CenturyLink get there, Pramata collected and analyzed more than 250,000 customer contracts, consolidating them into a centralized repository that is both comprehensive and always up-to-date. CenturyLink sales professionals have immediate access to contract expiration dates, products, credits, a family tree of associated amendments and exhibits, and information about whether a customer is on a month-to-month billing or auto renew. It’s information that CenturyLink sales professionals simply didn’t have before, and it makes it possible for them to engage with customers more strategically and proactively.


"Pramata is helping us improve the retention of at risk revenue by 4.5 percent, and increase active selling time for our sales team by 15 percent. That is an extraordinary return on a modest investment."

Jim Rose, VP – Sales Effectiveness

CenturyLink’s Pramata solution is integrated into its implementation, making it easy for more than 3500 sales professionals to quickly find the right information and perform deep dives into customer relationships from the same environment they use to manage their pipeline. The result is more time spent engaging customers, improved retention, and deeper, more consultative relationships.


"Pramata works fast and delivers value very quickly. Our power users were live in just 90 days."

Mike Sitter, Sales Effectiveness Executive


Company Profile
CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers, and of Internet, TV and voice communications for consumers. It’s the third largest telecommunications company in the United States.

Sales effectiveness and customer retention.

CenturyLink delivers critical infrastructure and data services for companies across the U.S. CenturyLink counts on Pramata to deliver critical intelligence and insight to help drive enterprise customer engagement and renewals.

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