Customer Support lead – Bangalore


Bangalore, India

About Pramata

Pramata’s unique, industry-proven offering combines the digitization of critical customer data currently locked in unstructured and obscure sources, then converts that data into high-quality, actionable information accessible through one or multiple applications through the Pramata cloud-based customer digitization platform. Pramata’s customers are some of the largest companies in the world including CenturyLink, Comcast Business, FICO, HPE, Microsoft, NCR, Novelis, and Truven Health IBM. Pramata has helped these companies and more find millions of dollars in revenue, ensure regulatory and pricing compliance, as well as enable risk identification and management across their customer, partner, and even supplier bases.

Pramata is headquartered near San Francisco, California and has its Product Engineering and Solutions
Delivery Center in Bangalore, India.

How Pramata Works

Pramata extracts essential intelligence about customer relationships from complex, negotiated contracts, simplifies it from legalese into plain English, synthesizes it with data from CRM, CLM, billing and other systems, and delivers it in the context of a particular user’s role and responsibilities. This is done through Pramata’s unique Digitization-as-a-Service (DaaS) process which transforms unstructured and diverse data into accurate, timely and meaningful digital information stored in the Pramata Digital Intelligence Hub. The Hub keeps the information centralized as one single, shared source of truth along with ensuring that this data remains consistent, accessible and highly secure.

About the Role

In general, this role is responsible for providing a top-class customer experience by upholding the Pramata brand on   to the Pramata application, delivering periodic reports to customers, owning data and document security on the Pramata application, and supporting the maintenance of certain tools within the Pramata application.

Job Duties


  1. Strong leader who is excited about building a strong Support organization.
  2. Understand the support agreements between Pramata and its clients and develop a team to support such agreements while having flexibility to handle new agreements as they arise.
  3. Strong management skills with the ability to manage and grow the Customer Support team.
  4. Strong understanding of Pramata’s systems, processes, and products in order to explain features and benefits to meet customer needs.
  5. Must possess excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  6. Serve as a shared service and work collaboratively with all functions within the Pramata organization and its partners.
  7. Develop, implement, and oversee quality assurance process to ensure high level of customer service.
  8. Identify system and process deficiencies and recommend business solutions which are responsive to client needs.
  9. Produce and maintain professional documentation (e.g., external training materials, internal configuration documentation).
  10. Adhere to policies and procedures in order to comply with internal or customer requirements/obligations.
  11. Provide feedback to Business about support agreements and SLA models.
  12. Build and maintain knowledge repository of support best practices (internal and external).
  13. Produce key reports for internal consumption (e.g., daily digest of tickets by customer for Account Management).
  14. Implement, monitor, and analyze service level metrics.  Set and achieve target metrics to improve performance over time.  Examples of service level metrics include:
    • Breakdown of support tickets by type
    • Average response time
    • Average resolution time
    • Cost per incident
    • Training days per year
    • Incident volume by customer
    • Ticket abandonment rate
    • Escalation rates
    • Incidents resolved within 24 hours
    • First contact resolution
    • SLA violation rate
    • Lifecycle vs. Repository ticket breakdown
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Number of interactions before ticket resolved
    • % of tickets resolved without Delivery team involvement

Incident Management:

  1. Provide prompt and timely responses to internal and external customers.
  2. Able to utilize technology systems (e.g., Zendesk) to initiate and complete customer support issues and handle customer requests.
  3. Manage all front line support via Zendesk, and eventually via telephone and live chat sessions.
  4. Troubleshoot a variety of technical and non-technical issues customers are having with Pramata’s applications and services. Must be capable of determining the root cause of the issue.
  5. Provide technical support for application support issues.
  6. Route non-application support activity to appropriate teams for resolution and ensure issues are resolved timely.
  7. Perform quality assurance testing and record issues found.
  8. Establish procedures to ensure effective coordination between resources handling different levels/tiers of support issues.
  9. Extend Support monitoring to 24 x 7 coverage.
  10. Standardize ticket responses into templates and continuously make improvements.
  11. Manage outbound communication with customers (e.g., system outages, release notes).
  12. Keeps all customer-specific Support documentation and knowledge based content items updated.
  13. Must be knowledgeable of customer-specific configurations and implementations.
  14. Survey customers to collect feedback and drive continuous improvement in customer service capability.
  15. Proactively ensure problems reported at one customer are fixed across Pramata’s entire customer base and collaborate with Delivery or Technology teams wherever necessary to update/fix processes.

Skill Set Required:

●      Strong Leadership Skill

●      Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal

●      Exceptional time management and organizational skills

●      Good documentation skills

●      Good interpersonal skills with the ability to comfortably work and build a rapport with cross-functional teams

●      Good interpretation with the ability to think outside the box and probe beyond the obvious

●      Detail oriented with a strong desire to eliminate customer’s pain points

●      Comfortable with word, excel and using powerpoint

●      Any Graduate 

●      6+ yrs experience in Customer Support & 2 years in Lead role