“Pramata is playing a key role in the HPE Software (now part of Micro Focus) digital transformation strategy by unifying all of our mission-critical commercial relationship data, and helping us systematically identify and eliminate revenue leakage. It’s a critical part of our new technology stack.”

Lalit Singh, Vice President Digital Transformation, Micro Focus



Pramata Releases Industry’s First Purpose-built Platform to Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Pramata’s next gen platform makes possible the accurate, on-demand, single source of commercial relationship truth that has eluded B2B enterprises for years.


With our Fall 2018 Product Release, Pramata introduces the first and only commercial relationship platform of its kind. Now large B2B enterprises can quickly deploy configured solutions that help them identify and resolve specific sources of revenue leakage using a deeper, up-to-date and complete understanding of their customer relationships.

This release includes our next generation platform and intuitive user experience called ‘Voyager’ that empower sales, billing and finance teams to quickly connect the commercial relationship dots between contracted agreements and actual billing and sales activities, then take action to capture that revenue.



“Companies have tried to solve the revenue leakage epidemic for a decade by patching together multiple technologies, combining that with countless manual steps requiring armies of people, only to find the data they’ve collected has gone stale after a month.

With Pramata’s next gen platform, B2B enterprises can, for the first time, embrace a solution that brings all the necessary steps and technologies needed to identify and eliminate revenue leakage into a single, accessible, relationship-centric platform.”

Praful Saklani, CEO of Pramata


Our Exclusive Fall ’18 Product Innovations Webinar

Watch our Fall ’18 Release webinar hosted by Pramata Chief Product Officer Justin Schweisberger,
and see our next gen platform and enhanced UI Voyager up close and personal.