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Fierce competition, margins trending downward, limited domestic cash inflows, and a shifting regulatory landscape have increased pressure to streamline operations, improve client service, and ensure compliance. By harnessing and operationalizing essential commercial relationship data found within complex, negotiated contracts, you can proactively capitalize on significant revenue moments at every critical point in the client lifecycle.

Pramata uses intelligence derived from commercial relationship data to automate business processes and bridge the data gaps in your current systems. This provides everyone who needs it, secure, on-demand access to the most accurate, complete and current view of your valuable client relationships.

  • Eliminate fee leakage and overbilling

  • Improve client satisfaction and transparency

  • Ensure regulatory and client compliance

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Financial industry leaders use Pramata as the commercial relationship system of record for streamlining operations and ensuring compliance in a number of ways across the client lifecycle.


Fee Schedule Management

Every year financial service companies lose millions of dollars to improper billing. The complexity and ever-changing nature of these fee schedules makes it difficult to ensure you aren’t overbilling or under billing these key accounts. Pramata helps you both ensure accurate billing and compliance with active MFN provisions and eliminate the manual drudgery of finding current pricing data.


Proactive Regulatory Responsiveness

Regulation in the financial services industry is a moving target. Ensuring you have appropriate documentation and haven’t agreed to any potentially risky terms is a manual process in most companies. Pramata automates the centralization, organization, and auditing of client documentation while flagging potential gaps or issues for resolution. 


Custom Client Services/SLAs

Client service and customer satisfaction are the new differentiators for financial service companies. Missing commitments can put your hard-earned accounts at risk. However, the unique nature of client terms make it difficult for Client Services to find and track the right data when it comes time to operationalize. By making sure everyone is operating off the same commercial relationship master of record, Pramata helps ensure you meet all contracted client requirements and helps you provide a high rate or accurate responses to client inquiries.

Investment Guidelines Management

Unique investment guidelines are all too common across your client base. Pramata provides the visibility to easily look across your portfolio to identify any limitations that may impact new product development and compliance.

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