Re-igniting revenue growth


As high-tech companies mature and expand, maintaining the revenue acceleration of the high-growth days becomes a struggle. New competitors, more complex commercial relationships and tighter operating margins mean that you must work harder to drive profitability.

Massive potential revenue gains lie untapped in the installed user base. But accessing them is tough. The traditional M&A route to growth has left businesses—and their customer relationships—fragmented. Whether you’re in hardware, software, or services, chances are your business lacks the information it needs to glean insights into current customer commits to migrate products or exploit new revenue models.

Pramata unifies your complex data and turns it into clean, up-to-date, actionable insights. It’s a single commercial relationship system of record for driving more profitability, revenue, and operational efficiency from your installed base. With Pramata, your sales ops, finance, and legal teams can:

  • Find and fix revenue leaks

  • Consolidate fragmented integrations and business units

  • Accelerate new products and business models

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High-tech industry leaders use Pramata to manage the complexity of capturing and utilizing commercial relationship data so that operational teams can get the most out of every revenue opportunity.


Sales Effectiveness

Upselling and cross-selling are hallmarks of high-tech, but hard to pursue when sales teams can’t access the full customer footprint. Salespeople spend a disproportionate amount of time on non-sales activities such as chasing down contract data like what’s been sold, what’s still in use, what terms are in place. Pramata creates and maintains this sales fuel for you, putting the right information into the right hands, at the right time, so your teams can reduce turnaround time and close more deals, faster.


Centralized Contract Management

Every day, people across every function need access to the documentation that defines commercial relationships. Today, these documents are spread across fragmented systems, multiple BUs, and other silos. Pramata manages this complexity for you, serving as the centralized system of record where your operating teams can turn for a full understanding of customer agreements. We help you overcome the legacy of fragmented acquisitions to drive down operational costs and enable smooth collaboration among your customer ops, sales, finance, and legal teams.


Renewals Management

Technology businesses often let renewal opportunities slip away because of difficulty finding answers to fundamental questions for renewals such as contract expiration dates,renewal terms, and pricing structures. Lack of advanced notice translates to insufficient preparation, inability to resource based on upcoming renewal volume, and disadvantaged negotiations. Pramata organizes your commercial data to optimize the renewal process. 

Revenue Assurance

Best-in-class tech companies build multiple levers into their contracts to ensure maximum profitability. Levers such as price increase clauses, entitlement restrictions, payment terms, and service definitions ensure that you get the most out of every deal. Pramata provides deep insight into entitlements and pricing levers so you can maximize revenue and profitability.

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