Bridge fragmented systems for solution selling

For telecom, the shift is on to new products and solution-oriented sales models. Of course, while you’re making the transition, retention of high margin legacy products and customers is a critical focus. To fully leverage this requires getting more out of your existing install customer base. More upsells. More retention. And more profitability. Unfortunately, selling to your install base is typically much, much harder than selling to a net new customer. 

Most companies have grown via acquisition, leading to fragmented and redundant systems—and the data they contain—spread across multiple business units and divisions. This causes confusion and poor visibility into key commercial relationship data for sales, finance and legal teams alike—and puts customer retention and the recurring revenue it brings at risk.

Pramata centralizes and operationalizes the information locked in disparate systems and complex contracts. With one accurate, complete customer profile, your teams have the intelligence needed to:

  • Build a foundation for solution selling that enable sales, pricing, sales ops and marketing teams with a full view of the customer relationship

  • Consolidate multiple acquisitions by creating a centralized platform for commercial relationship data and operations that drives downstream processes

  • Streamline outdated, manual processes while reducing costs and risk across the organization

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Telecom industry leaders use Pramata as the commercial relationship system of record for digitizing and optimizing revenue opportunities and ensuring compliance.


Sales Productivity

Eliminate the time-sucking search your sales team faces every day by centralizing complete, actionable relationship data they can access directly from within their familiar CRM application. Place the focus back on active selling time and with the right information in hand at the right time, see an immediate impact on renewals and retention.

Government Compliance

Simplify a complicated compliance process when it comes to unique commitments like MFN for federal contracts and Lowest Comparable Price (LCP) for the government E-rate program. Pramata helps you identify and resolve gaps in documentation, letting you automate E-rate compliance efforts and ensure pricing accuracy while accelerating the quoting and approval process.


Retention and Renewals

Never miss another opportunity to capitalize on monthly recurring charges (MRCs). By synthesizing complex contract information and data from billing/order management systems, Pramata helps you calculate accurate product renewal dates, and provides a global dashboard of upcoming renewals by product, contract and revenue value so you can take timely action.


Pricing Commitments

Fully digitize the data insights for all pricing levers, uplift opportunities, pricing commitments, discount commitments and cost pass-through opportunities across your customer base. Map contracts to billing lines for accurate revenue projections you can deliver via executive dashboards for greater visibility and forecasting.

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