Pramata Brings Value to Digital Enterprises with New Partner Program

Partnerships with Industry Leaders DocuSign, Statera and ABiz Enable Customer Success

BRISBANE, Calif. – April 25, 2017 – Pramata, the customer digitization company, today announced the Pramata Partner Program. The new Partner Program is launching with three industry leaders, DocuSignStatera and ABiz, to help enterprises advance their digital transformation and unlock more value from customers.

Pramata’s Partner Program includes seamless product integrations with partners to provide efficient and streamlined access to the mission-critical information and actions decision-makers need, when they need them. The industry’s leading electronic signature service provider DocuSign now integrates with Pramata’s cloud and AI-enabled platform in order to give mutual customers access to digitized information that will help them execute contracts more quickly, accelerating time to revenue.

Pramata is also partnering with consulting firm Stratera to enhance the CPQ and CRM offering for customers, as well as enhance the overall Pramata solution with strategic management consulting and integration capabilities. This will strengthen the results mutual customers are able to drive from Pramata’s platform, as well as provide additional services that make implementing and managing the solution easier.

Contract management consulting firm ABiz has also joined the Partner Program in order to improve contracting within organizations. ABiz’s expertise and ability to help enterprises advance their contracting will have the benefit of enhancing customer lifecycles and reducing risk and overall costs.

“Pramata has continuously proven to our leading Fortune 2000 customers that filling the gaps in the customer lifecycle is essential to growing revenue and reducing business risk,” said Robert Hultslander, VP of Alliances at Pramata. “I’m excited about our new partnerships as they are integralfor Pramata’s next phase in ourgo-to-market strategy. More importantly, they’re critical to our collective customers’ success in their journey to digital transformation.”

“DocuSign and Pramata share an intense focus on delivering industry-leading solutions that position our customers for success,” said Neil Hudspith, President of Worldwide Field Operations, DocuSign. “Pramata’s ability to synthesize digitized data within DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform will help bring additional value to our joint customers and accelerate speed to revenue.”

“While we do a lot of work in CPQ and CRM, Pramata fills the gaps and enhances those areas with their innovative digitization technology. In addition, Statera brings a wide breadth of services, from management consulting to integration, with Pramata’s digitization nicely augmenting these services,” said Brad Weydert, President at Statera. “Pramata is in a high growth period making this a great time for us to engage on the accounts where the sum of our offerings is a win for our customers.” 

“Our team of experts at ABiz are known for providing contract management consulting that advances contracting discipline and improves efficiencies within organizations,” said Nancy Nelson, President of ABiz Corporation. “With Pramata, we’re uniquely positioned to significantly improve customer lifecycles so mutual customers can be more profitable while reducing risk and cost.”

Pramata’s customer digitization platform not only uncovers revenue opportunities within a company’s customer base, but also bridges the gaps in and grows value throughout the customer lifecycle. Pramata has created millions of dollars in value for some of the largest companies in the world, including CenturyLink, Comcast Business, FICO, HPE, NCR, Medtronic, Novelis, and Truven IBM. Many have realized an increase in customer retention of 4.5 percent and a 3-5 percent reduction in revenue leakage. Pramata’s innovative customer digitization platform grows value throughout the customer lifecycle and positions its customers for business transformation in the digital age.