Your contract lifecycle management (CLM) system has a specific purpose, but often it can lack the flexibility and functionality for every-day business insight. The complex, highly negotiated, frequently changing nature of most customer agreements can challenge even the best legal teams and processes.

Pramata is not a replacement for CLM. It’s also not a CRM platform or a business intelligence tool. It’s customer relationship intelligence (CRI)—innovative technology that bridges the information gap inside your current technology infrastructure. We deliver consistent, simplified customer data that’s readily actionable to everyone who has a role in growing and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Corporate leaders with an eye to true digital transformation see an investment in complete, current and accurate CRI as a huge step toward cross-departmental collaboration and exponentially increased customer value. That’s why some of the most recognizable companies in telecom, pharma, enterprise software and manufacturing across the Fortune 2000 partner with Pramata to empower not only contract management efforts, but Sales Effectiveness and Business Performance as well.

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