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Pramata at a Glance (PDF)

Take a closer look at how Pramata provides customer digitization solutions to Fortune 500 companies that increase revenue and profits while reducing leakage and regulatory risk.

Harvard Business Review: Driving Revenue and Profit from Customers in the Digital Age (PDF)

Revenue Growth for Big Enterprise
The key to identifying and harnessing new revenue growth from your customers lies in bridging the gaps in your customer lifecycle. 

Traditional Tech Dinosaurs Face Extinction (PDF)

Learn how B2B leaders have evolved to overcome revenue leakage and profit threats by finding hidden revenue opportunities within their existing customer base.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value, Reduce Revenue Leakage and Regulatory Risk (WEBINAR ON-DEMAND)

What do Comcast Business, FICO, NCR, Novelis and CenturyLink Have in Common?

The’ve all bridged information gaps in their CRM, CPQ, ERP, existing contract and billing systems to gain a competitive advantage. Watch our Winter 17 innovations webinar to learn more.

Digitization as a Service Overview (PDF)

Take a deeper dive into what makes Pramata DaaS tick.

Digital Transformation of Data into Revenue (VIDEO)

Stop sales, finance and operations from spinning their wheels with your most valuable customers. See how complex contract data changes the game.

175 Enterprise Execs Weigh in on Managing Complex Commercial Relationships (PDF)

How are large organizations exploiting their most important customer data? Check out the study for a quick overview of the strategies that companies are adopting now to manage and leverage some of their most valuable information assets.



The Road to Improving Rev Rec and IFRS 15 Compliance (PDF)

Download this practical, easy to read, 6-page guide for getting to, and staying on top of today’s revenue recognition, and, at the same time, meeting the looming IFRS 15 compliance requirements. 

Business Performance Solution Overview (PDF)

Read more about Pramata’s product suite for your finance and business performance efforts.

5 Places Revenue is Leaking (Infographic)

Identify the cracks in your customer lifecycle that could be costing you big revenue.

See how Fortune 2000 Companies put a Stop to Revenue Leakage (WEBINAR ON-DEMAND)

Discover how companies like CenturyLink and Novelis digitize and transform this information into active insights with significant revenue potential.



Pramata for Sales Effectiveness (VIDEO)

Transform your complex customer relationships into revenue.

Sales Effectiveness Solution Overview (PDF)

Read more about Pramata’s product suite for sales operations and executives.

Webinar with Special Guest Steven Silver, Senior Research Director @ SiriusDecisions (WEBINAR ON-DEMAND)

Strategic Accounts: How information within complex contracts drives value throughout the customer lifecycle

Learn how best-in-class organizations retain and grow revenue from strategic accounts by mapping the customer lifecycle, digitizing meaningful information from contracts, and integrating that information into downstream sales, finance and operational processes.

7 Ways to Master Your Complex Customer Relationships (PDF)

Complexity in B2B customer relationships has become commonplace. Learning to embrace and leverage complex agreements vs. avoid them can reap huge dividends. Learn more in this informative e-paper.

You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Know (PDF)

Lack of information leads to lack of sales. Read up in this Pramata article from Destination CRM.



Contract Management Solution Overview (PDF)

Read more about Pramata’s product suite for your contract management efforts.



CenturyLink Webinar: Transforming Sales Operations to Increase Customer Retention (WEBINAR ON-DEMAND)

Watch this webinar to find out how CenturyLink transformed its sales effectiveness and sales operations initiative to boost customer retention 4.5% and increase active selling time for sales reps 15%. CenturyLink’s John Serdinsky, director of sales effectiveness, and Pramata’s Praful Saklani, co-founder and CEO, talk about how it was accomplished and some of the key learnings along the way.

Novelis Case Study

Legal compliance becomes catalyst for digital transformation
Recognizing a need for greater visibility into key contract terms and a higher level of data quality, Novelis sought a solution that would eliminate silos of incomplete contract data—setting the stage not only for essential compliance and risk management initiatives, but also for ongoing strategic decision support.

A Singular Focus on Customer Success (VIDEO)

Pramata’s team of enterprise contract and vertical industry domain experts maintain laser focus on achieving your specific business initiatives.

How Pramata Delivers Fast Time to Value (VIDEO)

Hear our VP of Operations Justin Schweisberger describe the unique value of Pramata’s hands-on expertise paired with expert automation.

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