SiriusDecisions Video Series:
Exploring Revenue Leakage and Its Sales & Billing Impacts

A conversation with SiriusDecisions and Pramata




CenturyLink - Justin Davis

Justin Davis, Manager of Enterprise Sales at CenturyLink explains why they chose Pramata for sales operations. 

Pramata Overview

Pramata digitizes and operationalizes the details of commercial relationships for maximizing revenue, reducing risk and driving business efficiencies for the world's largest enterprises. 


DocuSign + Pramata

Learn about the collaboration between Pramata and DocuSign.

Transform your complex customer relationships into revenue

Discover how to capitalize on complex customer relationships and better understand contractual needs and agreements.


Webinars {On-Demand}


Webinar: Dr. Risk Score: How I learned to stop worrying and love the digitized contract


Webinar: Join us for a tour of Pramata’s next-generation platform, new features and functionality.


Webinar: Bridging the Gap in Your Automated Systems for True Contract Transformation

Webinar: Renewals - Strategies for Reducing Churn and Increasing Renewals