At its core, revenue leakage occurs when the finance, sales, sales ops and legal people in your organization need to know the most current commercial relationship details, and they don’t because of fragmented documentation and systems.

Stopping leakage means closing the information gaps to allow sales and finance teams to identify leaks and capture escaping revenue across your customer portfolio.


Pramata is the only company that combines a cloud software platform with a human-assisted AI managed service to extract data from your commercial documentation with up to 99% accuracy

We work to ensure our customers have high quality, always up-to-date data without having to enter a single piece of information themselves.


 To do this, we’ve combined four critical components into a turnkey solution that targets and eliminates your revenue leakage challenges



A centralized commercial relationship system of record, with integration into your CRM, ERP, and CPQ systems


A purpose built, human-in-the-loop AI technology stack and managed services to extract data from hundreds of thousands of documents, and keep it current


Application-specific data packages targeted at each leakage area by industry


Revenue leakage best practices, risk analytics and playbooks