At its core, revenue leakage occurs when the finance, sales, sales ops and legal people in your organization need to know the most current commercial relationship details, and they don’t because of relationships complexity and fragmented documentation.

Stopping leakage means making sure everyone in your company has access to the most up-to-date commercial terms in their business process to identify leaks and capture escaping revenue across your customer portfolio.


Pramata is the only company to provide solutions that target and eliminate leakage at key points in the customer lifecycle. Using your commercial documentation, we create and maintain a record of your current commercial terms with your customers with up to 99% accuracy.

This record is updated and embedded in our solutions, then deployed in a way that enables customer-facing teams to take action—either in our cloud-based applications or your existing systems and processes. This is possible through Pramata’s unique combination of a cloud software platform and human-assisted AI technology stack delivered through a managed service.


We’ve combined three critical components into a turnkey solution that targets and eliminates your revenue leakage challenges:


A centralized commercial relationship system of record


A purpose-built, human-assisted AI technology stack and managed services to extract data from hundreds of thousands of documents, and keep it current


Role-specific user experiences, analytics, and integrations into CRM, EDW, CPQ, and other business systems.