A modern approach to growing customer revenue through renewals and upsells



Webinar Summary

With recurring business models and saturated market penetration, executing a strong renewal and growth strategy is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, large enterprises are having the toughest time executing renewals, upsells and cross-sells. Why?

With huge install bases, hundreds of products, multiple regions, M&A, and account mgr churn,  the challenges with renewals/upsell/cross-sell exist because data and roles are fragmented into silos, creating critical gaps. Furthermore, most of the companies have deployed multiple, disparate CRM, CPQ, and CLM systems to solve the problem, but they're not working.

In this 45-min webinar, Steve Silver, Sr., Research Director at SiriusDecisions & Justin Schweisberger, Chief Product Officer at Pramata, will discuss:

1. Renewal/Upsell Process Best Practices

  • An intro to the SiriusDecisions Customer Lifecycle Framework
  • Success factors in driving renewals
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in customer retention

2. Best Practices in Enterprise Data

  • How data fragmentation leads to customer attrition
  • New approaches to filling data gaps
  • New data strategies for identifying customer renewals and upsell/cross-sell opps

Armed with new insights and data strategies, you’ll be able to see how you can deliver better business outcomes, retain customers and better identify revenue growth opportunities.



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About the Speakers:

Steve Silver, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions, provides best practice research,
benchmarking data, frameworks, models and thought leadership to guide and enhance a B2B
organization’s sales operations strategy and execution. Steve covers a broad range of critical sales
operations topics, including planning, lead management, sales compensation, analytics, sales
forecasting and sales technologies. Steve received a BS in telecommunications engineering from Texas A&M University and has conducted post-graduate work at The University of Chicago, the University of Denver and the University of Phoenix.


Justin Schweisberger, CPO at Pramata, has extensive experience guiding large implementations projects in support of retention, post-merger integration, contract risk assessment and business process initiatives. Previously, he was a project manager at the Husch Blackwell law firm, managing due diligence activities around merger and acquisition activities, including Hindalco’s $6 billion acquisition of Novelis. He graduated from Harvard College with an AB in psychology.

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