“The Commercial Relationship Baseline is ground zero for taking effective action toward stopping widespread revenue leakage and promoting revenue optimization across the customer portfolio. Our unique approach to developing the Baseline gives companies the ability to know their commercial relationships as they never have before, down to the asset and term level.”

Praful Saklani, CEO of Pramata



Pramata Releases Best-in-Class Commercial Relationship Baseline Solution


Essential technology helps eliminate revenue leakage and drive revenue optimization for B2B enterprises

With our Spring 2019 release, Pramata highlights our unique Commercial Relationship Baseline solution, an essential tool that ensures users always know what their customer owns, their current terms, the price they agreed to pay and where they can grow revenue.

Only Pramata can create and maintain the Baseline related to each customer with ongoing precision. Our solutions are updated daily as new transactions, account changes and product changes take place, so your teams are making decisions based on what is true right now for each of your customer relationships. As a result, B2B enterprises are equipped to eliminate billing errors, drive more profitable upsells and renewals, and significantly reduce customer churn.


Pramata delivers the “impossible” commercial relationship baseline

Let us show you how we create this essential solution that has eluded B2B enterprises until now.