Billing accuracy starts with visibility


Entitlements represent the access rights or permissions that a customer has to your services or products. If you work for a technology company, complex entitlements can be pervasive in your commercial relationships, taking the form of software downloads, user licenses, access to content/data and more. Not knowing your customers’ actual usage vs. the contracted terms leaves the door wide open for over- and under-charging.

Pramata bridges these fragmented sources and unlocks the valuable information in your complex MSAs, order forms and contract amendments.


We help you identify where non-standard restrictions exist, supplying your entitlement management team with up-to-date, accurate data to run entitlement audits and resolve revenue leaks across your large installed customer base to:

Provide billing teams with a simplified single view into all active price points from your historical contracts

Determine what percentage of customers are being over- or under-billed and act to remedy the discrepancy.

Take proactive measures to reduce revenue risk and establish a repeatable, automated process for entitlement management.