Have we met?

I bought 400,000 widgets from you last year at a deep discount. I’m ready to purchase again…and more this time. The discount period expired last quarter, but you don’t know that. In fact, there’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

Do You Know?


    • What discounts have already been approved?
    • Where do I have any Most Favored Nations (MFN) pricing risks?
    • Where do we have overlapping customer agreements?
    • Are we invoicing and collecting according to the contract terms?
    • Where have we made non-standard commitments?
    • How do we identify gaps in our centralized contracts repository?
    • Are there agreements in place within other geos or business units?
    • Where and when can we increase prices according to CPI?
    • Which expiring customer contracts do I need to focus on this quarter?

“Being able to sell a solution starts with understanding the customer and what motivates them. Pramata is invaluable, providing us with good, actionable data from customer contracts.”

- Mike Sitter, Sales Effectiveness Executive, CenturyLink


Transform Complex Contract Information into Revenue

Your most valuable customer relationships are also your most complex—highly negotiated, long-standing, frequently changing. This complexity often creates havoc for the people who regularly engage with your customers throughout the customer lifecycle–whether in the sales process, in service delivery or in back office operations.

But here’s the rub. Costly gaps exist throughout the lifecycle because of chronic misinformation. And these gaps could be leaking revenue potential at the rate of MILLIONS per quarter while inviting in real compliance risk.

Your CRM, billing system, anecdotal communications—these information sources can’t tell the whole story. The missing link? Concrete information found only in your signed, complex customer contracts.


Pramata: Unlock the untold value within your complex contracts

Pramata customers know the only way to eliminate the information gaps and make the most effective decisions at every stage of the customer value lifecycle is to

  • Unlock the foundational information buried in your complex customer contracts
  • Digitize and refine that information to within 99% accuracy, then intelligently combine it with relevant data from your CRM and billing systems
  • Place this meaningful intelligence in the hands of the people who need it to fuel downstream processes across sales, finance and operations
  • Accelerate revenue, manage compliance risk and grow your most valuable customers



One focus: transforming complex data into customer value

Our singular focus is helping you drive value from your customer data. An in-the-trenches assessment of your specific business requirements coupled with proven best practices allows us to effectively address the most glaring gaps in your customer lifecycle today, while laying the groundwork for future ROI.

Pramata Digitization as a Service™ (DaaS)

DaaS is a unique concept to Pramata, pairing specialized expertise with advanced automation to digitize complex contract information and transform it—along with existing CRM and billing system data—into a continuous cycle of accurate, meaningful intelligence about their most valuable customer relationships.

The DaaS process occurs within 48 hours of signing new customer deals, so your teams are always operating off of the freshest and most accurate information.

Targeted transformation solutions

Pramata delivers customizable solution sets designed to strengthen your customer lifecycle revenue opportunities and manage risk across three key areas—Sales Effectiveness, Business Performance and Contract Management.

Don’t let another opportunity for reward or risk go unnoticed!

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