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Flip the Script with Pramata!

We’re counting down the days to CLOC Global Institute 2023! Legal Ops leaders, follow the neon glow to Pramata Booth #301 and see how you can flip the script on slow, complex contract management programs. You’ll have a chance to play our “This or That” quiz along with your peers , grab some swag and a treat (sweet or sour?!), see a live demo, and enter to win one of our daily Theragun giveaways

Radically simple or surprisingly complicated? The choice is yours!

Stop by for ‘round the CLOC demos at Booth #301

Discover how to flip the script and see how radically simple contract management can be, with live demos every 15 minutes! Stop by and say hi to Tom Guhin, one of Pramata’s longest-tenured solution experts (17 years!). Tom will walk through a quick tour of the Pramata platform–covering specific use-cases and answering questions!

Curious about GPT and its impact on Legal Teams?

Live Demo | Pramata Booth 301

Join us for a live discussion on the impacts of GPT with Pramata CTO Pedram Abrari and CEO Praful Saklani and get a special demo of how Pramata is using GPT + AI to radically simplify and accelerate contracting. Pramata has been on the forefront of Contract AI technology for over 15 years. You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity!

Tuesday, May 16 | 1:00 & 5:00 pm
Wednesday, May 17 | 1:00 & 4:30 pm

Don't miss our CLE Session

Better together: Bringing a Sales Ops mindset to Legal Ops

Wednesday, May 17 | 2:40 PM - 3:10 PM

While Sales Operations is commonplace at most organizations, Legal Operations remains a relatively newer function. However, both teams share similar goals in their respective areas: removing friction, improving efficiency, and accelerating deals. In this session, Jocelyn and Foster will discuss best practices legal operations teams can glean from their counterparts in sales ops, including:

  • How to ensure success through sales and legal terminology mapping
  • How to understand your operational ecosystem for better business alignment
  • How to work with IT for smooth implementations and buy-in


Jocelyn Turnipseed
Claims Advocate & Paralegal
Epic Insurance Brokers

Foster Sayers
General Counsel

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