Pramata gives you the “impossible”

With Pramata, you will always know what your customer owns, their current terms, the price they agreed to pay and where you can grow revenue.

The Commercial Relationship Baseline makes it possible.

Only Pramata can create and maintain the Baseline related to each of your customers with ongoing precision. Our solutions are updated daily as new transactions, account changes and product changes take place, so your teams are making decisions based on what is true right now for each of your customer relationships.


Stop billing errors

Eliminate chronic under- and overbilling by ensuring every customer bill reflects the contracted terms and pricing


Drive sales revenue

Identify prime white space, negotiate stronger renewals and accelerate profitable deals by applying the right terms at the right time


“We now have a shared, centralized and real-time version of truth regarding our commercial relationships. Critical contract data that once took several hours, or even days, to locate and assess is immediately available at our fingertips.”

Jayne Rothman, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Vertafore


B2B enterprises rely on Pramata

Highly negotiated B2B commercial relationships are virtually impossible to understand and maintain. A unique combination of our cloud-based software and precision managed services does the heavy lifting for you. We create the commercial relationship baseline with 99% accuracy, keep it updated and at your fingertips—to help you stop leaking revenue now and capitalize on future revenue moments.


Take steps to improve your revenue efforts now and see results in 90 days!