Are Your Customer Relationships Working for or Against You?

Transform unrefined data into huge revenue opportunities

What is CRI?


You Can’t Capitalize On What You Don’t Know

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What discounts have been approved? Are we invoicing and collecting according to the contract terms? Where can we increase pricing according to the Consumer Price Index? If you can’t answer these questions and more about your most valuable customer relationships, you could be neglecting tens of millions of dollars in revenue opportunities.

Pramata Customer Relationship Intelligence™ (CRI) works with B2B companies to simplify and advance their digital transformation efforts with accurate, current, actionable customer information. Turn your diverse (often hidden) contractual and billing data into more profitable customer interactions every day.

What You Need to Know

Sales, Finance, and Legal:

Connect and Strengthen Every Customer Touchpoint

Pramata’s customizable CRI solutions provide simplified, accurate, in-context data that’s incredibly transformative across your key business areas.

Sales Effectiveness

Maximize Revenue

Business Performance

Ramp Up Profitability

Contract Management

Keep the House in Order

How It Works

Digitization. It’s the conduit by which unrecognized data becomes actionable intelligence. It’s also the Pramata difference. Define and extract essential data from complex contracts, synthesize it with data from your billing system, CRM and other sources, and deliver it on demand in meaningful context for everyone who needs it.

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Some of the most recognizable companies in telecom, pharma, enterprise software and manufacturing across the Fortune 2000 partner with Pramata.

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