Radically simple contract management.

Elevate the strategic impact of your legal team with Pramata. Our simple end-to-end contract management platform does the heavy lifting, giving you exactly what you need to organize your contracts, empower the business and accelerate contract cycles.

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Contract Management. Reimagined.

It’s time to flip the script from roadblock to strategic partner and accelerator. Our end-to-end solution brings you an integrated offering of powerful technology and seasoned contract experts and lawyers. 

Pramata stands apart from other CLM solutions because we are dedicated to maintaining a radically simple approach and ensuring your contract management success. The result? You can do more with less and focus on the work that matters.

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Radically simple contract management for teams across your business.

Pramata for Legal Teams
Pramata gives time back to legal for high-value work and empowers the business with self-service access to the contract information they need.
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Pramata for Sales Teams
Pramata helps sales teams always stay ahead of renewals, quickly find contracts, request a new contract, and track every deal–right in CRM.
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Pramata for Finance Teams
Pramata helps finance teams manage financial commitments with a clear view into every contract-based cost and revenue commitment.
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Simplify the complicated. Organize your contracts into a clean, centralized and searchable digital repository...for good.


Give the business what they want. Empower everyone with the self-service contract information they need.


Work with speed and precision. Accelerate deals—with central requests, simple workflows and better collaboration.

“It was a no-brainer to replace our CLM with Pramata. We now have a fully adopted solution and all our contracts at our fingertips.”

“Pramata has benefited more people and internal teams than we ever anticipated. Pramata has added tremendous value for us.”

“Pramata has enabled our internal clients to proactively manage contractual relationships, which allows our legal team to focus on more strategic, value-added opportunities.”

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“Pramata is a source of truth at Comcast Business. We not only have a better understanding of our customer relationships, but can also ensure we are meeting our compliance obligations.”

Comcast Business

Discover a better way to manage your contracts.

 See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted by our customers for over 15 years.