Why revenue leakage matters

You have numbers to hit

The CFO Alliance, reports 65% of CFOs identified top line revenue growth as their highest priority for 2018.


The leaks are widespread

Most large, mature B2B enterprises leak 2-4% of their topline revenue and more than 5% of their operating margin due to poorly managed commercial relationships.


actionable data plugs leaks

Sales and finance teams lack easy access to commercial relationship information needed to capture big money from accurate billing, renewals, and other revenue events.



Take steps NOW to
stop revenue leakage
this quarter


Some of the largest companies in the world choose Pramata


“With Pramata, McKesson can check whether a customer’s annual purchase commitment is on track to be met by the end of the year. This improvement alone has enabled the company to recapture millions of dollars in revenue.”

Danielle Hannifin, Vice President, Accounting and Controllership, McKesson Corp. 


Pramata solves revenue leakage

Pramata is the only company that offers a complete solution—using software and human-in- the-loop AI managed services—to extract 99% accurate data from your commercial documentation, then use that data to quickly target and eliminate widespread revenue leakage.