All your contracts in one place. Visible in one click.​

Let Pramata do the heavy lifting. Pramata organizes your contracts into a clean, centralized and searchable resource…for you. Giving you a digital contract repository that puts every contract instantly within your reach. Because you’ve got better things to do with your time.

Organize Contracts


Find any contract in seconds

Contracts are spread across your company—in shared drives, in CRM, in email. Pramata migrates, cleanses and organizes all your contracts into a centralized, single repository for easy access.

  • Contracts are organized into an intuitive hierarchy of all master agreements, amendments, and orders with clear indications of active contracts
  • Filter contracts by type, effective date and more to quickly find the right document
  • Easily download contracts and metadata in a single click


Understand contract terms and key dates at a glance

Tired of re-reading the same contracts to answer questions about what you’ve agreed to? Ensure everyone operates from one common view of the current terms—including key obligations, commitments, and dates.  

  • View a summary of key terms and dates for each contract
  • Use Pramata’s Digital Snapshots to quickly access the highlighted language 
  • View the history of changes made via amendments
Digital contracts
Organize contracts by Account hierarchy


Get immediate answers to contract questions

With contracts spread across your business, it’s nearly impossible to identify where critical language exists. Search through every contract, effortlessly locating key terms, clauses and other essential answers:

  • Look for phrases or clauses with powerful OCR + full-text search capabilities
  • Filter search results using contract metadata like contract status, counterparty, effective date, and more
  • Export search results and contract text into an Excel report so you can give answers to the business in seconds


Generate new insights with customizable reports

When do our contracts renew? Where do we have non-standard terms? Use powerful ad hoc reporting to get answers fast and share the results across your business:

  • Identify upcoming renewals, find key contract provisions, and filter out inactive contracts and amended terms
  • Customize report fields, share reports and export them to Excel
  • Set alerts for upcoming renewals and other important dates
Upcoming contract renewals report in Pramata

Get your contracts organized and discover the power of the Pramata Platform.

 See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted by our customers for over 15 years.