Capture every opportunity for cost-savings and find more revenue

Pramata allows you to understand and manage your financial commitments with a clear view into all your contract-based costs and revenue commitments.

Remove the friction around contracts

Reduce admin work for the finance team with self-service access to contracts, key terms and renewal alerts. With contracts right at your fingertips, finance teams can provide lightning-fast resolutions to billing questions and work faster and easier than ever before. 

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Find contracts by any term search in Pramata

Master your financial contract terms

If you don’t know your contracts’ terms you could be missing opportunities for price uplifts or getting stuck with subscriptions you no longer need. Finance teams use Pramata to analyze their contracts to ensure they aren’t wasting money or overlooking revenue opportunities

React to changing times in real-time

Mastering your contracts’ terms means you can react in real-time to changing conditions, like in a downturn or pandemic. With Pramata, you can easily run reports across all contracts and provide instant answers to executives’ requests to find risks living in your contract terms. 

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Upcoming contract renewals report in Pramata

Maximize your teams capabilities

Gain insights and access metrics on your team’s performance. Monitor and reallocate workloads, measure turnaround times, and track performance without the burden of manual time tracking on your team.

Why Finance Teams Love Pramata

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Centralized contract visibility

With your contracts organized in a centralized digital repository, time-consuming searches for key terms are a thing of the past. Instead, you have the ability to get answers to your contract questions, in seconds.

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Fast time-to-value

We’re the only partner who does the heavy lifting for you, in one transparent subscription. Drastically speeding up time-to-value. While providing cost certainty and scalability as your company grows.

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Never miss a renewal or expiration

Pramata makes sure you always know when every contract renews. Be prepared for every renewal with automated alerts. Easily create an accurate report of of upcoming customer and vendor renewals, plus associated terms and historical pricing.

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