Work with speed, precision and transparency

It’s time to simplify the complicated. Meet your easy-to-use contract request, approval, and collaboration solution to simplify and automate contract workflows. With a seamless integration to CRM, it’s the solution legal and sales teams really want. Effortlessly view contracting metrics and run reports across the entire contract lifecycle. 


Get requests out of your inbox. Eliminate endless follow ups.

Pramata gives you one centralized place for all contracting requests. With smart, configurable intake forms, you can finally get legal requests out of your inbox. Simply attach the right template or documents and monitor all contracts in flight from one dynamic dashboard in the Request Queue. 

  • Initiate and manage multiple requests in a single place
  • Store, share and track documents in one location
  • Easily configure dynamic intake forms to your business needs
  • Capture important information about each request such as requester, type, priority, due date and more
  • Sales-self service request initiation and tracking directly from CRM.


Take control of your time

For accelerating contracts, self-service is the name of the game. With Pramata, legal teams can publish approved contract templates to ensure consistency and make sure business teams get the right contract out the door. And with dynamic, self-service contract generation, you can drastically reduce cycle time by removing bottlenecks and ensuring oversight.

  • Store the latest version of approved contract templates in a single place
  • Automatically populate contract templates with information collected during the request process
  • Choose between automatically sending contracts or requiring legal review, depending on contract type
  • No IT required! Legal can easily build and update templates
  • Custom permissions for read-only and editable templates, even down to the contract section


Deals move faster when the sales team can collaborate on contracts without ever leaving CRM. Our Salesforce integration drastically improves sales adoption and provides easy, self-service to contract requests.

Launch Requests

Initiate contract requests directly from Salesforce opportunities and auto-fill form questions with account and opportunity data.


View and track the status of all requests submitted to Legal


Installation is simple through our Managed Package installation and requires minimal IT support


Get visibility across every contract with automated workflows

Pramata’s intuitive no-code workflow builder keeps things simple and allows users to easily design and manage all incoming requests. Automatically route contracts to the right team member and approve contracts via email or mobile. With a centralized management console, legal teams can quickly prioritize workloads, reassign tasks and track progress status.

  • Set up no-code workflows to auto-route requests to the right person based on business rules
  • Approve contracts via email and mobile and quickly see current drafts and comments
  • Easily build and configure simple contract workflows
  • Prioritize, re-assign tasks and track progress with a centralized management console
  • Out-of-the-box or customizable, the choice is yours


Simplify and streamline negotiations–together

Break the silos with Pramata’s Deal Collaboration and streamline negotiations. During that end-of-quarter rush it’s hard to keep track of where a contract is and what needs to happen next. With Pramata, you can ensure all team members get email notifications as new comments or changes are made, status is changed, or a task needs to be completed. 

  • Integrated with internal drafting tools such as MS Word 365 and Google Docs
  • Keep track of document changes over time, with a clear history of revisions
  • Capture negotiation history and internal comments to speed up the process and review later 
  • Store and track approval updates via Audit Trails to provide transparency across the business
  • Keep contracts moving forward with automatic notifications across your teams, at each step of the process


Full visibility into your contracting process

You know the legal team’s business impact. Now you can quantify it with full visibility into your contracting KPIs. With easily configurable dashboards you can monitor the contracting progress within a workflow, run reports and drill in the details. So you can easily identify inefficiencies, fix bottlenecks, distribute workloads evenly and get visibility across the business.

  • Monitor your KPIs via a configurable real time dashboard that summarizes status and team productivity
  • Track turnaround times by contract type, region, and contract team
  • Assign work based on real time visibility into workloads
  • Covers 100% of contracts, including third-party paper and non-standard contracts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pramata Accelerate FAQ

Yes!  You can automatically create form-based agreements with Pramata. The set up takes less than an hour for each form and does not require in-depth technical expertise. All you do is upload your template, tag the fields that requesters must provide input on, and determine if there are any conditional clauses that are needed under certain situations.

Pramata offers a very easy and intuitive interface inside our Platform for requesters to initiate contract requests.  Additionally, we also have a plug-in for Salesforce that is very easy to install, and enables Sales teams to initiate contract requests directly from any Object like an Opportunity, so they never have to leave the system they’re most comfortable in!

No!  We have specifically kept our user interface as intuitive as possible, with drag & drop options wherever possible to facilitate easy setup as well as ongoing maintenance of the system.  Our onboarding includes training to help your teams get familiar with the functionality and you also have access to our Help Center for additional training content.