It’s time to radically simplify contract management

Say goodbye to complex CLM. Explore how the Pramata Platform makes contract management radically simple. Helping you organize and accelerate your contract lifecycle and connect the business to the contract insights they need.

Why companies choose Pramata

After years of trying, ICE reached contract nirvana, without having to do any of the heavy lifting of cleansing and organizing thousands of contracts.

Lytx was able to provide self-service contract visibility and access to teams across the entire organization, like client success, operations, finance and sales.

The incredible partnership and smooth implementation helped Catholic Health switch CLM systems and migrate contracts quickly and easily.


Best-in-class contract migration, no heavy lifting required.

Pramata takes care of the hard work to give you a clean, centralized place for all your contracts. In just days, the Pramata Platform cleanses your files, removes duplicates and non-contract files, extracts key scoping data and makes sure your repository is free of junk–for good.


The most intuitive & organized platform in the industry.

Pramata organizes your contracts and data, extracts insights and calculates renewal dates to give you a centralized and searchable source of truth, without all the work. The result: a best-in-class digital contract management platform that puts every contract detail instantly within reach.


Getting visibility & accelerating contracts has never been so easy

It’s time to simplify the complicated. Meet your easy-to-use contract request, approval, and collaboration solution to accelerate and automate your contracting process. Effortlessly view contracting metrics and run reports across the entire contract lifecycle. 


Connect contract insights across the business

Pramata makes it simple for everyone across the business to get the right contract data, when they need it. Regardless of what system they are working in. And with Pramata, you can trust everyone is working from a single source of truth. That’s being connected. 


Meet your always-on smart legal assistant

Get ready, the future is here. Generative AI is changing the game. Pramata’s intuitive Generative AI approach is designed specifically for use with our proprietary contract data set. With a click of a button, our GenAI Experiences can interpret meaning, summarize contracts, automate playbooks, draft documents, redline and so much more.

Explore how the Pramata Platform helps teams across your business.

Legal Teams

Pramata gives time back to legal for high-value work and empowers the business with self-service access to the contract information they need.

Sales Teams

Pramata helps sales teams always stay ahead of renewals, find contracts, request new contracts, and track deals–right in CRM.

Finance Teams

Pramata helps finance teams manage financial commitments with a clear view into every contract-based cost and revenue commitment.

Discover a better way to manage your contracts.

 See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted by our customers for over 17 years.