Simplify and speed up M&A from due diligence to post integration

Preparing for a merger or acquisition means having your company’s contract house in order. But the need for contract management doesn’t stop when the deal is signed. Pramata gives businesses the technology they need to go from due diligence or fundraising stages to a full picture of the new company’s entire portfolio of contractual relationships–without spending time on data entry, organizing contracts or other high-lift, low reward tasks.


Help Legal look like the superheroes they are

If your company is involved in M&A talks, the legal team wants to prove their worth and be seen as the valuable business accelerators they are. Pramata enables your general counsel and entire legal team to answer complex contract-related questions in minutes. Potential buyers will be blown away by the organized and accurate state of your company’s contracts, and by how much data your team can pull from them.

And with Pramata’s GenAI Experiences – you can create Due Diligence checklists with a click of a button


A solution for companies with a long history of M&A

For large enterprise companies that have grown through mergers and acquisitions over the years, or even decades, getting legacy contracts from each acquisition to be organized and uniform across the business may feel impossible. Pramata makes it radically simple to (finally!) get your entire contract house in order, regardless of how many acquisitions you’ve had. 

Effortlessly oversee contracts from all acquired companies with Pramata’s comprehensive single-view for each entity.  Quickly identify multiple active Masters, monitor renewals, and track products transacted from your combined entities.



Easily navigate contracts from related business relationships

Not only has your business grown through acquisition, but so have your business partners. Understanding the web of contracts among your customers’ and vendors’ affiliates is crucial. A lack of clarity can lead to missed opportunities and redundant contracts. Pramata offers a dynamic overview, capturing contract details not just within your company, but also throughout your client’s networks. 

Pramata simplifies navigation across your contract portfolio with clear labels for affiliations like “Acquired By”, “Affiliated with”, “Formerly Known As” and more.  This enables quick cross-referencing between contracts of related entities with which you may have separate agreements. 



Stand up a deal room in minutes

Always have data ready for investors, whether you are selling the company or selling off assets. Pramata allows you to easily segment contracts by customer, product, and regions. Immediately download every PDF, plus contract summaries, so you can quickly upload to a data room. Even provide custom reports on provisions like Most Favored Nation and Uncapped Liability—all in seconds.


Reduce risk by instantly finding non-standard terms

When you acquire a company, you also inherit their commercial contracts. Unless someone has taken the time to cull through every contract (both customer side and vendor side) for every company you’ve acquired, you’ve also inherited the risk that comes with an unknown number of non-standard or unfavorable contract terms. Pramata allows companies to quickly search every related contract (including masters and amendments) and identify terms that don’t adhere to the company’s playbook and best practices. 


Easily spot overlapping vendors and customers

It’s common for companies that have merged or made acquisitions to find they’re paying double for a vendor that both previously used, or aren’t maximizing revenue and satisfaction with a shared customer. With Pramata, anyone from Finance to Sales to Legal can easily identify opportunities to cut redundant spending. Just as important, with Pramata you can easily identify mutual customers and work on simplifying their experience across all of their products – leading to higher satisfaction and retention. 

Mergers & Acquisitions with Pramata

Ace the Due Diligence Process

Show up prepared on Day One, with answers to any contract questions potential buyers have, plus accurate reporting to give insights into your business.

Expedite POST M&A Integration

Achieve your “after” state more quickly, and simplify the post-M&A business landscape with a complete view of the company’s contractual relationships all in one place.

Maximize Cost-Savings

Identify overlapping customers and duplicate vendors or services in minutes! Then, use these insights to eliminate wasteful spending, leverage purchasing power and negotiate more favorable terms across the business.

Reduce Business Risk

Quickly compare all existing contracts against your playbook and best practices to identify nonstandard terms and other areas where contracts leave you open to risk.

Discover a better way to manage your contracts.

See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted and vetted by some of the largest companies in the world for over 17 years.