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Welcome to Contract AI that works.

The era of manual contract management has become obsolete—replaced by AI-powered CLM solutions. But these solutions are failing to deliver results. 

Why? They’re still highly manual. And as we all know, there is no “magic AI button.” Many struggle to handle…third party paper, amended terms, poor OCR quality documents and legacy contract migration

The result: hours of manual cleanup, months of AI training, missed project timelines and an incomplete contract repository

Pramata is a different approach—one that transforms overwhelming into effortless. We’re designed with the end-user in mind. Our platform leverages robust human-assisted AI technologies to extract actionable insights—with 99% accuracy. The collaborative contract intelligence of our human-assisted AI model creates a seamless user experience. Pramata empowers businesses to drive greater profitability and reduced risk. 

Welcome to Contract AI, reimagined. 

The Pramata Difference:
Impactful Technology, Proven Results

With nearly 9 million contracts digitized and 15+ years perfecting our technology, discover how our Effortless AI is uniquely designed to transform your business. We combine our best-in-class AI technology with a team of experts (lawyers, data scientists, contract experts) who do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, creating a truly effortless experience. Speaking of effortless, we recently introduced our GenAI Assistant, your very own legal assistant that reviews, drafts and analyzes contracts and playbooks in seconds.  


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Get to know our Effortless AI

Cleanse AI

Delivers a clean, digital version of every document.

All you need to do is upload your legacy contract files (Yes, it’s that simple).

Document transfer

  • Multiple, secure transfer options for every client need

  • Historical document transfer: web-based portal, SFTP or API

  • New document transfer: eSignature or API integration

Document cleansing 

  • Duplicate document detection

  • Out of scope document detection

  • Auto conversion of files to PDF

  • OCR conversion of every contract image to text

  • Auto merge and split files

  • Auto page rotation


Document exception detection 

  • Password-protected detection

  • Auto file decryption

  • Missing signature and page detection

  • Foreign language detection

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Our experts verify and inspect Cleanse AI’s accuracy for documents identified as anomalies. This includes missing signatures, missing pages, or duplications. If files cannot be processed at all by AI, say, for example due to poor quality, our experts ensure they are cleansed through a series of guided steps.

Why is Cleanse AI such a critical step?

We have found that 1 in 5 legacy contracts have an issue, from minor formatting to major concerns like a missing signature. Without an integrated solution like Pramata, this can add up to a significant amount of manual effort.

Organize AI

Establishes a normalized, complete set of documents for every relationship.

Every business needs to rely on their contract repository as a true “source of truth.” It should include every contract for each of their accounts, not just on a go-forward basis, but also historically. We ensure our customers have a complete document family, for each account, with all contractual documents organized into a logical hierarchy.

Document & Account normalization and mapping 

  • Extraction of entity from filename

  • Extraction of entity from document 

  • Account name deduplication 

  • Mapping extracted entities to a normalized Account Master

Document history creation for each Account 

  • Extraction of Document Title, Type, Effective Date and Parent Contract Reference

  • Document Hierarchy creation

  • Missing document identification

  • Logical data validation

Document exception detection 

  • Password-protected detection

  • Auto file decryption

  • Missing signature and page detection

  • Foreign language detection

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Our lawyers and data experts verify and inspect Organize AI’s accuracy for documents or accounts identified as anomalies, like extracted terms, account consolidation requirements, failed OCR, incomplete document hierarchy or account mapping gaps.

Contract AI Blog

Contract AI Is No Slam Dunk

Most people underestimate how hard it is to extract accurate, actionable and useful data from unstructured contracts.

Extract AI

Transforms hidden, unstructured data into a structured, usable format—backed by a 99% accuracy rate.

If the contract repository you depend on daily (for key obligations, dates, renewal details) isn’t accurate, or usable, it’s highly unlikely your teams will adopt it. That’s why over the last 15+ years we have perfected our contract data extraction—to ensure our customers get the highest quality and accuracy in the industry.

Smart contract model 

  • Best-in-class models can appropriately tag all clause variations in a document 

  • Models automatically check every document against 50+ predefined fields

  • Models are based on variations seen across 9 million contracts from multiple industries 

  • Improvements are incorporated into our models on a quarterly basis

Key obligation and term extraction 

  • Extraction of 50+ key terms, including renewal details

  • Auto obligation tagging

  • Normalization algorithm

Automatic data accuracy checks

  • Amendment management

  • Parent/Child Algorithm 

  • Logical data validation

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Our experts are always training and re-tuning our Extract AI for accuracy and usefulness. Backed by our 99%+ data accuracy, our team runs ongoing quality checks and exception handling.

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The Pramata Difference

We’ve figured it out so you don’t have to. 

With Pramata, you get sophisticated AI technology, plus the edge that only true contract experts and lawyers can bring and it all comes standard with your Pramata subscription. Most importantly, this isn’t a one time project, we keep your contract repository and data up-to-date daily as new contracts are signed, terms are amended and contracts are renewed—all with a 99%+ data accuracy rate.