Contract Migration

Migrating all your contracts doesn’t have to be the stuff of nightmares

Getting all your legacy contracts into a digital repository is as simple as uploading documents. Skip the heavy lifting of cleaning and organizing your files that most solutions require. Simply upload your contracts and let us do the rest.

Organize Contracts


Contract migration is core to our approach

Many CLM tools see legacy contract migration as an afterthought, a “nice to have”, or an add-on (hidden) service. This is a fatal flaw in their approach. At Pramata we always create an organized, digital contract repository for you–a vital step that provides immediate value to your business.

Your legacy contracts hold key business insights and precedents with customers and vendors. Contract migration means you can clearly see where you are today, assess risks and opportunities, and make predictions for the future.

What sets Pramata’s contract migration apart from the rest?

Legacy contract migration is always included, never an add-on and no third-party vendors or hidden fees.

Send us what you have and we do the rest. Our top priority is to make the document intake process as easy as possible for you.

We cleanse every file to filter out duplicates and remove irrelevant documents. You only pay for what your business needs.

We organize every contract by type, active/inactive and counterparty, to create a logical hierarchy known as a document family.

All the resourcing to be successful—no clause tagging, AI training, quality checks or metadata extraction required from you.

We create fresh, accurate data as part of your subscription. And it’s continually updated for the life of the repository.


Get your house in order…effortlessly

Migrating legacy contracts is a vital step to contract management success. And with Pramata, it’s never been easier. You send us your documents and we do the rest. It really is that simple!

We offer several upload options:

  • Drag and drop from your computer
  • SFTP for large initial transfers
  • API intakes from existing CLMs or repositories

Don’t worry about what’s in or out of scope. We have powerful tools and techniques for determining contract types, status, etc. and you only pay for what’s essential to your business.  

Contract upload graphic
Contract Migration automation


Upload your contracts, then sit back and relax

Our Effortless Contract AI Technology has been perfected, vetted and trained for the last 15+ years, on over 9 billion contracts. But, as you know, to really make AI successful, it requires a ton of ongoing effort to train and ensure accuracy.

That’s where our integrated Expert Assist team comes in. 

Made up of contract experts, lawyers and data scientists—our team does the heavy lifting to ensure 99%+ levels of accuracy. 

Other contract management solutions expect you to sift through the junk and report back on inaccurate or missing information. This is time-consuming, manual, and requires extensive training before you begin. You don’t have time for that! 

At Pramata, we do the “busy” work, so you always have the exact and most up-to-date contract information you need to make quick, data-driven decisions with confidence.

Legacy Contract Migration with Pramata

Cleanse, organize, Digitize

Before you master your contracts, you have to know where they are and what’s in them. That’s why digitization is the essential first step, and comes included with every Pramata subscription.

radically simple document upload

Send us your contracts. Yes, all of them! Our process includes identifying duplicates, weeding out non-contracts, and organizing everything. You only pay for what you need after the cleanup is done.

All the insight. None of the hassle.

Our Expert Assist team does all the legwork of reviewing anomalies, verifying accuracy, tagging and training the AI on your specific contracts. So you get 99%+ accuracy without the heavy lift.

Discover a better way to manage your contracts.

See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted and vetted by some of the largest companies in the world for over 17 years.