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Pramata Unveils Next Generation Pre-Signature Contract Management Functionality and Upcoming Transformative GPT-Assist

New platform features include radically simple and powerful pre-signature capabilities that flip the script on CLM solutions that are expensive to implement and impossible to maintain. Las Vegas, Nevada & San Francisco, Calif., May 16, 2023 – Pramata, the leading end-to-end contract management solution provider, today announced the latest version of its contract

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Shaping the Future of Law: Legalweek 2023 recap and analysis

During the recently completed Legalweek 2023, artificial intelligence dominated the conversation. Not everyone agreed on how legal professionals should—or could—use it. But no matter who you talked to, one thing was certain: The legal landscape will undergo a significant transformation due to the recent and rapid advancements in AI.

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Legalweek: What can the legal industry reasonably expect out of ChatGPT?

During the recent Legalweek, panelists debated what impact ChatGPT and generative AI could have on the legal industry, if any, but urged caution nonetheless. The tool suffers from “hallucinations,” meaning that sometimes the technology “predicts” facts that have no actual basis in reality. In one notable case, as explained by panelist Foster Sayers,

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SVB Fallout: 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your CFO Right Now

The feds have rescued entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley Bank’s demise, but the collapse should have founders reexamining their financial posture. “Because of this situation, people are now going to have to inspect the balance sheets and understand, how much risk am I really taking on, and how well-managed is this bank?” Saklani says.

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Pramata’s Radically Simple Contract Management Solution Drives 300% Growth

Since launching an end-to-end contract management solution designed specifically for small in-house counsel teams, Pramata has experienced more than eight-times its usual growth rate in new customer deals  San Francisco, Calif., February 22, 2023 – Pramata, the leading end-to-end contract management solution provider, announced today it has experienced more than 300% growth in

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