Pramata for legal teams

Eliminate the busy work and elevate your strategic impact

Let Pramata do the heavy lifting, so you can be the strategic business partner and contract accelerator you were meant to be.

Do the high value work you want to be doing.

Finding, reviewing and organizing contracts or advising on basic contract terms isn’t why you went to law school, but delivering successful outcomes using your legal expertise is.

Stop the “round-robin” of daily requests from sales or finance in search of this contract or that piece of information. With Pramata, you can give teams across the organization secure, self-service access to the exactly what they need—when they need it. 

It’s time to leave the role of “Corporate Librarian” and step back into the high-value legal work you were meant to do.i

Organize Contracts
contract open requests report

Maximize deals. Minimize effort.

No more searching.
No more “just checking in” emails. 
No more escalations from sales.

Pramata gives you one centralized place to manage and collaborate on in-progress contracts. And everyone involved gets the same transparent view!

You’ll be able to: 

  • Set up smart requests forms
  • Pre-configure simple workflows
  • Create end-to-end contract visibility to
    help avoid escalations 

So, contracts (and deals!) get done faster with fewer touches from legal.

Do more with less.

No matter the size of your legal team—from one to many—you’ll be able to serve the broader business, support more deals, and drive faster results without adding headcount. 

Gain insights and access metrics on your team’s performance so you can monitor and reallocate workloads. Pramata allows you to easily measure turnaround times and monitor performance across your team, without the burden of manual tracking.

Contract automation contract requests report in Pramata
Pramata for legal teams

Be a Contract MVP.

What’s a Contract MVP?

Roadblock remover, strategic partner, and contract accelerator. In other words: the legal superhero your business needs.

With Pramata, you’ve got instant access to contract data and can run reports across contracts in minutes. And you’ll finally be able to provide reliable, self-service access to anyone who needs it. 

Why Legal Teams Love Pramata

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We’ve figured it out, so you don’t have to. Radically simple setup. Easy to use. No folder-creating, no file-naming, no data entry. No brainer.

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Every contract. Every key term. Always reliable. Digitized, searchable, reportable, and at your fingertips. In seconds.

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Across all contract stages. Across all customers and vendors. Across your organization. Everyone can see where a contract is.

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