How To Cut Through The Contract AI Hype

A practical guide to evaluating & testing contract management systems

In contract management, AI is extremely helpful in automating and providing visibility all across the contract lifecycle. But with so many AI-powered solutions on the rise, how do businesses distinguish between what truly provides value in the “real-world” and what are just empty promises?

In this guide, we share behind-the-scenes industry evaluations to help you cut through the hype and accurately assess each AI-powered solution. So you can successfully find the right fit for your organization.

You’ll get:

  • The essential requirements for efficiently managing post-signature contracts
  • Considerations for testing Contract AI capabilities 
  • Key questions to ask to find out how much effort is really required from your teams
  • The four key areas you should evaluate in potential Contract AI solutions — and a printable evaluation checklist for each
  • How Pramata’s effortless approach can solve your contract management challenges, once and for all

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