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Tired of being the “Corporate Librarian”? Pramata makes it simple for everyone to get the contract information they need without relying on (or waiting for) someone in Legal. With our flexible, role based security, you can trust everyone is working from a single source and always has access to just what they need. 


Self-service contract visibility right in CRM

Give sales teams self-service sales access to the contract insights they need—right in CRM. Ensure sales teams can proactively manage renewals and never miss opportunities for revenue growth. Our CRM integration is easy to deploy and purpose built to drive high sales adoption:

  • Look up the latest contracts in a document family and important contract metadata from your CRM Accounts
  • View a summary of the products  purchased and upcoming renewals for each account 
  • Easy to deploy integration with minimal IT resourcing  
Pramata document family report
Pramata contract expiration report


Support business requests and initiatives with ease

Legal teams can empower everyone with powerful contract data that adds immediate, measurable value to the whole business. From supporting and creating CEO-level initiatives,  areas for cost-savings, or revenue opportunities. Pramata has you covered:  

  • Get an always up-to-date dashboard of upcoming renewals or expirations across every contract.
  • Create a custom report across every active contract that includes key financial terms, like price escalator
  • An on-demand clause library lets you easily export and analyze clauses


Generate new insights with customizable reports

When do our contracts renew? Where do we have non-standard terms? Use powerful ad hoc reporting to get answers fast and share the results across your business:

  • Identify upcoming renewals, find key contract provisions, and filter out inactive contracts and amended terms
  • Customize report fields, share reports and export them to Excel
  • Set alerts for upcoming renewals and other important dates 
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