Contract insights, right where you need them.

Pramata makes it simple for everyone across the business to get the right contract information they need, when they need it. Regardless of what system they are working in. And with Pramata, you can trust everyone is working from a single source of truth. That’s being connected. 


Self-service contract visibility right in CRM

Give sales teams self-service sales access to the contract insights they need—right in CRM (like Salesforce!). Ensure sales teams can proactively manage renewals and never miss opportunities for revenue growth. Our CRM integration is easy to deploy and purpose built to drive high sales adoption:

  • Look up the latest contracts in a document family and important contract metadata from your CRM Accounts
  • View a summary of the products  purchased and upcoming renewals for each account
  • Easy to deploy integration with minimal IT resourcing
  • Inherit your CRM security settings and permissions  


Automate contract processes across your business.

REST APIs facilitate seamless integration between Pramata and other enterprise systems like eSign, CRM, CPQ, ERP, CLMs and repositories. APIs automate the transfer of contracts, trigger Opportunity creation in Salesforce based on Renewal Dates, and initiate notifications upon contract signing. Centralize documents and synchronize critical contract data across systems to optimize efficiency and reduce manual effort.

  • Includes PDF and OCR Text File APIs to download documents
  • Modified Document APIs get contracts changed within a date range
  • Contract Summary and Term APIs retrieve metadata and terms for a specified contract


Supercharge your digital strategy with rich contract data

Connect contract data directly into your enterprise data ecosystems. So you can get the right data, to the right place, at the right time. Pramata gives customers a secure, flexible way to integrate legacy and real-time contract data into downstream enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, BI tools, Data Warehouse / Data Lakes in a scalable, automated way. 

  • Purpose built contract object model makes it easy to integrate contract data
  • Bulk exports enable you to easily export contract data 
  • Exported files contain the raw data, a data dictionary and an entity relationship diagram showing how different data fields link together
  • Exports can include the full historic data set or be scheduled for incremental updates, providing new / changed data at defined intervals
  • Bulk export files are delivered through secure methods for automated integration into other systems