The always-on legal assistant you’ve been wishing for

Get ready, the future is here. Generative AI is changing the game. And what sets Pramata’s intuitive GenAI Experiences apart is they’re designed specifically for use with our proprietary contract data set. Our GenAI Experiences can summarize entire contract relationships, build account memos, draft documents and more!

FREdlining and Negotiating

Radically simplify redlining directly in MS Word

Transform negotiations and redlining with our GenAI-powered MS Word add-in. Our GenAI Experience analyzes contracts against playbooks and is the only solution in the industry to also compare against past agreements to ensure alignment with both your standards and previously negotiated terms. Auto-redlining capabilities speeds up contract review, saving time and resources.


Understand entire contract relationships in one click

Generative AI works best when it has a clean, accurate data set. With the Pramata Platform, you’ll have a unique and differentiated advantage. Utilizing your clean data set our GenAI Key Provisions Experience instantly summarizes and provides critical contract insights from the full history of your contracts, including every amendment.

  • Instantly get a summary of the key provisions across the entire contract history for a counterparty, including all MSAs, NDAs, and any amendments.
  • Instantly get a summary of contracted products and pricing from all executed orders for a business relationship, including details like renewal dates
  • See an analysis of where your current terms deviate from your standard playbook and could have potential risk or non-compliance

Prompt Engineering

Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) based applications like ChatGPT are accelerating work in all industries, including legal tech. Generative AI programs rely on prompts: the inputs from users to generate what it predicts is the desired output. Sometimes the output is not quite right and it’s not because of a deficiency in the program, but rather in the prompt given. This is why prompt engineering is a critical component to ensuring the right outcomes from generative AI.

At Pramata, we have a GenAI Experience Builder that contains a suite of built-in, pre-engineered prompts to make sure your GenAI Experience is more reliable and the output is accurate.


Automate contract review

In an ideal world, everyone would know all the contractual details of each relationship. In the real world, you often have to read through each contract to understand the current state, not to mention everyone may have their “own” version. With the GenAI Account Review Memo Experience, in one-click you’ll get a concise yet comprehensive MS Word memo summarizing all contracts associated with an account to align cross-functional teams.

  • Analyze historical agreements for a business relationship against your current (plain-language) playbook to find potential negotiation opportunities
  • Create customizable one-page overviews of each agreement.
  • Facilitate decision-making during renewals and other relationship milestones


End the grind of drafting contracts from scratch

Highly skilled attorneys don’t need to spend their time drafting repetitive contract language. With the help of our GenAI Amendment Generator Experience, legal teams can drastically reduce manual efforts, accelerate cycles, and keep contracts in compliance. With a click of a button, automatically generate new, compliant contract amendment drafts, giving you a massive head start. 

  • Automatically generate draft amendments for contracts, per your standard playbooks
  • Effectively incorporate the current agreement structure such as amendment numbers and counterparty
  • Insert recommended language based on negotiation standards, preferred clauses and fallback provisions


Analyze your entire contract repository in seconds

Stop searching through contracts one by one. Our already intuitive self-service reporting is now supercharged with Generative AI. With one click, sprint through your entire contract repository in seconds to uncover actionable insights. Instantly leverage structured metadata to zero in on key vendors, regions, provisions in your most critical contracts. So you can make smarter decisions, negotiate better deals, and drive greater business value across your organization.

  • See at a glance where and by how much you have room to increase prices.
  • Launch targeted renegotiation campaigns against unfavorable provisions
  • Create dynamic visualizations to share insights across your organization
  • Ask questions in plain language to reveal risks or hidden cost-saving opportunities