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Lytx gets centralized, improved contract visibility and data reliability to provide an even better customer experience


Video telematics, fleet management, fleet safety

Key Results:

  • Centralized and digitized 50,000+ contracts

  • Can proactively manage and anticipate all future renewals

  • Re-evaluated product bundling, pricing and key commercial terms

  • Able to focus on giving equal attention to every single customer

“Our level of service requires robust back-end processes to deliver seamlessly for our clients. Pramata provides centralized visibility and a streamlined experience, enabling the high quality support our clients have come to expect from us.”
Jeff Alvarez
Senior Director, Client Success

Executive Summary

San Diego-based Lytx supports fleets around the world with a goal that no commercial driver will ever be the cause of a collision. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, Lytx helps protect and connect thousands of fleets and more than 1.3 million drivers worldwide.

Pramata’s Repository as a Service has enabled Lytx to organize and digitize 50,000+ contracts and orders across 4,000+ customer accounts into one centralized view. What began as a solution design focused solely on digitizing contracts for the legal department has quickly resulted in unexpected benefits across the entire organization—including client success, operations, finance and sales. With a comprehensive solution allowing it to facilitate rapid growth, Lytx can now:

  • Better understand and support customer relationships

  • Anticipate future renewals

  • Reevaluate product bundling, pricing and key commercial terms

  • Focus on giving equal attention to every single customer


  • Rapid growth meant a manual process for contract data was no longer scalable

  • Customer contracts and associated documents were stored in several places, owned by people across various teams in the organization

  • No centralized record keeping on change orders made it laborious to research customer contract data


  • A ‘single source of truth for all customer contracts allows sustainable, scalable insight

  • Lytx can leverage renewals and renegotiations to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction

  • Sales team can quickly find accurate, up-to-date contract data, saving time and allowing a more informed approach to upgrades, renewals and negotiations

  • Improved contract visibility, data reliability and a centralized document repository allowed Lytx to create an entirely new, more efficient customer interaction workflow around the data derived from Pramata

  • Pramata enabled discovery of untapped opportunities to service accounts and provide an even better customer experience

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