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Radically Simple Contract Management

Pramata is more than just another CLM solution—we’re a radically simple approach to your contract management success. The only CLM platform that does the hard work of cleansing and organizing your contracts for you, so you can focus on accelerating your contract cycles and connecting your business along the way.

With Pramata, our customers have:

Saved nearly 50% annually on CLM software costs

80% fewer contract queries to legal from the business

Over 90% faster contracting process for standard renewals

Cut contract review projects down from months to hours.

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Experience seamless contract migration with best-in-class service, eliminating the need to search through all the junk. Let us handle the hard work to swiftly clean, de-dupe, and OCR all your contracts.


The only CLM platform that organizes your contracts and relates them to one another in a parent-child structure without end-user manual intervention. Pramata extracts valuable insights and calculates renewal dates while keeping everything up-to-date for you.


Simplify and speed up your contracting process and workflows with our user-friendly, no-code solution for requesting, negotiating and collaborating across contracts. You’ll get full transparency and visibility into legal team metrics and past agreements to pinpoint internal process improvements to get contracts finalized even faster.


Easily share contract insights across your organization with Pramata. Our out-of-the-box Salesforce integration allows you to access the right contract data, without ever leaving CRM. And our REST APIs facilitate seamless integration between Pramata and other enterprise systems.


Pramata’s GenAI Experiences help you drastically reduce cost and hallucinations by securely leveraging high-quality, curated data across contract families (not just per document!). And with our pre-engineered prompts you get consistent, accurate results that help you drastically reduce time spent on redlining, drafting, reviewing and analyzing!

Why companies choose Pramata

Pramata stands apart from other CLM solutions because of three core differences:

Radically Simple

Get everything you need to solve contract management—and nothing you don’t. Stop paying for features you'll never use. Our goal is to help you get the most important, most valuable things right and eliminate inefficiencies along the way!

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Pramata is the only platform that handles the manual heavy lifting. With our powerful human-assisted AI technology—vetted and trusted for over 17 years—you’ll always have clean, organized contract data and visibility–without all the hard work!

Empower The Business

In order to get (and keep!) CLM budgets—adoption is paramount. With unlimited users, Pramata was built specifically for ease-of-use, reliability and business adoption, so legal can stop being the "Corporate Librarian" for good.

“Pramata has enabled our internal clients to proactively manage contractual relationships, which allows our legal team to focus on more strategic, value-added opportunities.”
Brian Lynch, SVP, General Counsel, Callaway Golf
“The difference between Pramata and other contract management solutions is we don’t have to clean up or organize any documents. They do all the heavy lifting. The result is a game changer not only for the legal team, but for teams across the business.”
Andrea O'Rourke, General Counsel, ICE
“I knew we had made the right decision when Finance told us that moving to Pramata was the single best technology decision MetricStream has made in the last three years.”
Kath de Lange, VP GTM Operations, MetricStream
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Discover a better way to manage your contracts.

See the radically simple contract management solution that has been trusted by our customers for over 17 years.