Meet the most intuitive and organized platform in the industry.

Let Pramata do the heavy lifting for you. Pramata organizes your contracts, extracts insights and gives you a clean, centralized and searchable source of truth, without all the work. The result: a best-in-class digital contract repository that puts every contract instantly within reach.


A powerful yet simple repository

The Pramata contract repository is your organization’s secret weapon. Building upon your clean contracts, Pramata gives you unparalleled contract visibility. Boasting one of the most intuitively organized repositories in the industry. Whether legacy, new, buy-side or sell-side—knowing you can find any contract in seconds—is a quick win everyone can get behind.

  • Configure access to provide secure, self-service across the business
  • See a full picture of the relationship between affiliates and related parties
  • Get automatically organized contracts by counterparty and linked based on affiliations and M&A
  • Intuitive Document Families help you quickly understand how your contracts relate to each other
  • With the power of Pramata, terms are automatically updated so you always know what is in effect, based on the contractual order of precedence


Contract data you can actually rely on

Legal teams (and beyond!) need contract data that adds immediate, measurable value. Pramata has you covered. We’ve spent 15+ years perfecting our proprietary Data Model to seamlessly fuel reporting, search and more. And we do the heavy lifting to make sure your data is updated daily as new contracts are signed, renewal dates change or new terms are added. 

  • Includes 40+ of the most useful terms right out-of-the-box, such as assignment, price increase, LOL, and effective date
  • Unstructured or inconsistent contract clauses, like Effective Date, are “normalized” to ensure they are correctly interpreted
  • Digital Snapshots give you the ability to hover over any contract data in the system to see the exact contract language or click-through to the PDF
  • The Contract Data Editor gives you a simple way to add custom fields and track terms that are important to your company, while taking advantage of our best-in-class data architecture


Pramata equips you with the most important details you need to effectively manage customer and vendor relationships. All in one place—without having to manually compile this information across contracts, orders and systems. The Relationship Summary allows you to quickly understand: 


See all products you have bought or sold with a customer/vendor


See whether the contract is active now or ending soon


See key details like pricing, early termination fees, termination rights, and more


Find contracts in seconds

Answer contract questions fast. With Pramata’s full-text Global Search you can easily find where certain phrases or clauses appear. And because we continually keep your contract details up-to-date, your results won’t be cluttered with inactive contracts, outdated amendments, and other irrelevant results. 

  • Look for phrases or clauses with powerful full-text search capabilities across all up-to-date contract details
  • Filter out irrelevant search results by using contract metadata like contract status, counterparty, effective date, and more
  • Easily export precise search results and link contracts (for deeper dives!), so you can give answers to the business in seconds


Generate actionable contract insights

When do our contracts renew? Where do we have non-standard terms? Use powerful ad-hoc reporting to get valuable insights quickly to keep the business informed. Pramata allows you to track obligations, optimize renewals, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions with intuitive reporting capabilities.

  • Report on contract insights that drive your business using pre-built or customized reports
  • Easily build, save, and export reports using filters, specific data columns and more
  • Visualize your contract insights with a customizable dashboard across all contracts to identify month-over-month trends like, volume and type
  • Monitor contracting patterns to understand when organizational demand is high or low and better manage resource allocation


Stop missing renewals. For good.

Pramata has the industry’s most accurate renewal algorithms. Renewal dates are surprisingly difficult to calculate (or not as surprising, if you’ve ever tried to manually keep them updated!). Perfecting our formula over the years, we use a combination of contract status, effective date, contract term, renewal type, notification date, and more, all with 99%+ accuracy. When we say “Never miss a renewal,” we mean it! 

  • Monitor active contracts and renewals from one simple dashboard
  • Set and customize automatic alerts to notify users of upcoming important dates
  • Data is updated daily as new contracts are signed and renewal dates occur, so your reports and alerts are never outdated. 

Prioritize security without sacrificing usability

Admins can easily add new users (unlimited in fact!), control user permissions, and view an audit trail of activity – all in an intuitive and straightforward way.

  • Integrate into most common single sign on (SSO) systems
  • Easily add and remove users
  • Set user security role-access by types of contracts, regions, contract types and more
  • Restrict user access to specific modules and control which users have read-only versus edit access


Advanced AI meets expert humans

After helping companies for over 17 years, we know AI works best when there’s a human in the loop. There’s no “Magic AI Button” that alone can deliver the level of precision and accuracy you really need. So, we combine our best-in-class AI technology with a team of experts (lawyers, data scientists, contract experts) who do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, creating a truly effortless experience. Speaking of effortless, we recently introduced our GenAI Assistant, your very own legal assistant that reviews, drafts and analyzes contracts and playbooks in seconds.