A Word about Diversity and Walking the Talk

Diversity has always been a fundamental value for me personally and a core tenet of Pramata’s workplace culture.

When we started Pramata, we had a clear vision of the critical business problems we set out to solve with our commercial relationship operations technology. But just as clearly, I knew what kind of company culture I wanted us to build.

Diversity has always been a fundamental value for me personally and a core tenet of Pramata’s workplace culture. And although we didn’t set formalized hiring quotas, we’ve made a conscious, collective effort that’s led us to achieve gender equity at Pramata—with more than 50% of our team comprised by women. By committing as an organization to the ideals of diversity and inclusiveness, we’ve created a team where all perspectives are heard, and the best and brightest see no boundaries.

For this reason, I’m honored to be recognized along with some tremendous peers as one of the “Best CEOs for Diversity” and “Best CEOs for Women” by Comparably.com. It’s always gratifying to receive validation that you’re doing something right, but knowing this recognition is a direct result of the input from my colleagues at Pramata makes it particularly meaningful. 

Comparably CEO Jason Nazar describes their survey this way, “We take a data-driven approach to show how specific demographics of employees rate their CEOs so that workplaces are dramatically more transparent and rewarding.” As CEO of a company that thrives on transforming rich, untapped data in a single source of truth, that’s music to my ears.

Too often, we as executive leaders assume we have a finger on the pulse of the current team dynamic, level of employee engagement and what I’ll call the “happiness quotient.” But if we don’t stop to ask our people if they think we’re walking our talk and living up to our core values, then how do we really know? Only the voice of the employee—the data—can tell us if what we think we know is fact or fiction.  

So I’m grateful for Comparably’s dedication to “understanding employees’ true value and needs to make work better,” and for the opportunity to participate in this year’s surveys. As business leaders, we’ve been given a valuable (data-driven) gut check, and proof positive that collective, sustained commitment to diversity and workplace equality matters and is vitally important in moving us forward.

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