Industry: Telecommunications

Pramata is helping us improve the retention of at risk revenue by 4.5%, and increase active selling time for our sales team by 15%. That is an extraordinary return on a modest investment.”
— Vice President, Sales Effectiveness

Executive Summary

This top American telecommunications company was on a mission to change the way it served enterprise customers, transitioning from a traditional telecommunications company to a true solutions provider. This included strategic acquisitions to grow and diversify their product and service portfolio. But missing, incomplete or inaccurate customer information scattered across legacy systems and acquired businesses slowed progress and created challenges for legal, finance and sales teams alike.

Pramata’s commercial relationship system of record has allowed them to collect and analyze more than 400,000 customer contracts and more than 8 million pieces of data (and counting)! Combining that digitized data with customer records from their existing Salesforce system, Pramata provided a whole new level of accuracy, context and completeness to sales’ view of individual key commercial relationships.

  • Accelerated integration of three acquisitions totaling $39B
  • Uncovered $3M in recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Streamlined compliance processes and reduced audit response time by 20%
  • Improved retention of at-risk revenue by 4.5%
  • Increased active selling time for sales team by 15%
  • Accelerated time to first order from 2 days to 2 hours using DocuSign and Pramata
  • DocuSign adoption jumped from 50 to 80%


    • Need to guarantee proper price quoting compliance for government contracts
    • Legal required fast and accurate due diligence during M&A process
    • Sales Ops lacked proper data visibility to effectively work renewals/retention opportunities
    • Sales teams searching for customer information impacted active selling time
    • Customer operations, compliance and account management process slowed
    • Local hard drives, scanned PDFs and spreadsheets used to track info
    • Multiple billing systems from various acquisitions

    Solution Benefits

    •  Improved retention and deeper, more consultative relationships
    • Reduction in cycle time on execution of retention opportunities
    • Accelerated onboarding for new sales reps and account reassignments
    • Salesforce integration provides 3,500 sales professionals quick and
      easy access to key commercial relationship data from within their CRM
    • More time spent engaging customers instead of seeking out information