Legal Efficiency isn't Enough: How to Get Contract Management Funded in 2024

Learn why leading with a more efficient legal team isn’t the most effective way to get the CLM you need, and what to do instead. 

Making your legal team more efficient sounds like a great strategy, but to get funding for your contract management software in 2024, you’ve got to show broader impact across the entire business.

In this guide, we’ll go beyond “legal efficiency” to show you how to get your CLM funded by focusing on the things that matter most, including:

  • Aligning your needs with broader business goals
  • Prioritizing the most impactful features (they’re not what you think!)
  • Calculating “total cost of ownership” beyond the initial price tag

Armed with these strategies, and more, you’ll be able to speak to a CLM’s value far beyond how many hours your legal team can save.

Ready to go beyond “legal efficiency”?


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