What if Managing Contracts Could be Radically Simple?

It is, with Pramata. Get started with a risk-free proof of concept, and once you’ve tasted contract nirvana, you’ll never go back. 

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It’s easy to get sucked into buying software with pie-in-the-sky promises only to realize you’ve been the victim of demo-ware: that moment you realize … what you saw in the demo, isn’t what you actually got. 

Many CLMs often don’t live up to their hype. You’re left without a support team, without accurate data and without a true view of all your contracts and the insights buried within them. 

Pramata is the radically simple alternative. We’re the only CLM platform that does the heavy lifting for you. We’re also one of the only platforms that gives you a live working proof of concept environment so you can see how your contract process looks and acts in our system – risk free

“The sales and onboarding process was seamless! What we were sold was reality when getting into the platform. The implementation team worked hard to get us up and running much faster than their original timeline quoted.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pramata’s Risk-Free Proof of Concept

As much as we say “we do the heavy lifting for you” we know it can just seem like a sales pitch until you see it in action. In today’s competitive CLM environment, there’s so much demo-ware and so many failed promises, we understand how hard it can be to really know what you’re getting before you get it. 

Our POC gives you real-world experience working with the Pramata platform and our team. You get to see what our platform can really do – and with your contracts, not a sample set that’s been perfected for the sake of demonstration. 

Most companies who do a POC send us between 25 and 50 documents, including customer and vendor contracts. 

Most importantly, you’ll want to include documents from “contract families.” For example: Customer XYZ may have a Master Agreement, Orders, 2-3 Amendments, SOWs, etc. To really see the power of the Pramata platform, it’s important to send documents within these hierarchies – not just a number of unrelated documents. 

Additionally, if you’re evaluating Pramata Accelerate, we recommend starting with your most frequent contract requests and what a typical contract workflow looks like to get that contract signed. For example, NDAs are a great place to start when testing the Pramata platform’s capabilities.

We like to move fast, so you can start adding value to your business even faster. Our typical POC takes around 15 days from the time you upload your documents to the final readout.

There is no fee or subscription required to participate in a Pramata POC. We simply require a signed NDA. Once we receive your documents and your POC environment is up and running, you’ll have 14 days to login and use the platform.

You can read more about our security here. All of our POCs are under NDA and they are run exactly the same as if you were a customer. To learn more, contact us today!

If you’re ready to get started and learn more, fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch with you right away.

Radically simple
All the features and functions you need to solve contract management – and nothing you don’t. 

  • Get your contracts organized
  • Stop missing renewals
  • Provide easy self-service access to contract terms
  • Simplify requests and workflows with the power of Generative AI
  • Get time back, to do the legal work you love

We do the heavy lifting for you
Many legal teams don’t have the budget for software and the people to make it work. 

  • The Pramata Platform includes all the resources you need to solve your contract management challenges
  • One simple, transparent and scalable subscription
  • Upload your contracts and we do the rest
  • All for less than the cost of an FTE

Empower the business 
The fastest way to improve your legal team’s efficiency is to stop being the “corporate librarian” and start focusing on broad business adoption of your solution. 

  • Unlike overly complicated CLMs, Pramata was built to be easy for the entire business to adopt
  • Our transparent subscription includes unlimited users, so you can provide secure, self-service access to anyone who needs it
  • Connect the platform to other tools, like CRM, so teams can answer their own contract questions, freeing up precious time for the legal team

see what our Customers are Saying

“I found the implementation process to be the smoothest I've experienced so far. The Pramata team is very organized and available for all our queries.”

“What I like best about Pramata is their knowledgeable and friendly team. They quickly learn and understand the business, allowing them to build swiftly functionality to accommodate our needs.”

“The Pramata product continues to improve and add more features making it more intuitive and helpful for our business. Support with Pramata is so quick and responsive.”

See Pramata in action with your contracts now

There’s no better way to know what you’re getting, and how radically simple contract management with Pramata can be, than to start your proof of concept today. Fill out the contact form above and we’ll be in touch to help you take the next step towards contract nirvana.