Best-in-class contract migration. Minus the heavy lifting.

You hit the upload button: Pramata does the rest. Whether a few hundred or hundreds of thousands, migrating contracts from legacy systems and shared drives doesn’t have to be the stuff of nightmares. With Pramata Cleanse, you don’t have to spend a minute removing duplicates, tagging metadata, or removing non-contract documents from the mix. We got you covered.


Transfer documents from anywhere – really!

We know what you’re thinking, “That sounds great, but my contracts are stored all across my company.” Don’t worry, this is why Cleanse starts by centralizing all your legacy contract files into a single contract repository. With our Document Intake API, we can setup an automatic document transfer that works with almost any external system you have, allowing you to easily transfer or upload documents from: 

  • Document storage systems
  • CLMs
  • e-Signature platforms
  • CRM and CPQ
  • And more


Just contracts. No junk.

You don’t need to sort through thousands (or millions) of files to find what you’re looking for. To keep your repository free of junk and improve usability and adoption, Pramata automatically removes duplicates and out-of-scope files—no clean up or tagging required. Simply upload your messy files and let us do the work. Our AI-powered platform converts them into a uniform, searchable format and scans content to remove irrelevant files from the system. 

  • Say goodbye to random files, drafts, emails, and scanned images, and hello to a fully digitized, searchable repository
  • Get access to a clean PDF copy of every contract
  • All files are checked for content, and duplicates and non-contract files are flagged and moved to the “Out of Scope” bucket for your review

Optical Character Recognition

Pramata’s sophisticated OCR extracts text from images, PDFs, and other non-text documents. Ensuring every contract in your repository is digitized and searchable. Which enables our AI-based data extraction and fuels reports, analytics, and insights.


Keep your scope in sight

The days of wondering how many contracts you have are over. Pramata Cleanse automatically extracts the exact metadata you need to get off to a fast start. You can see how many files are actual contracts and prioritize certain contract types or counterparties for quick time to value. With this data in hand, you can seamlessly prioritize the contracts you want digitized to ensure you stay within your budget.

Our Effortless AI technology automatically extracts the exact metadata you need, based on best practices developed over 15+ years, including: 

  • Signature Status
  • Document Title
  • Document Type
  • Effective Date
  • Contract Entities


Monitor your contract migration in real-time

Even though we make Cleanse as simple as possible, you can still keep an eye on the migration process. Our Document Management Module allows you to easily monitor scope and resolve pending issues that might arise such as corrupt files and missing documents. 

  • View the processing status of every file
  • See how many files have completed Cleanse
  • Easily prioritize, de-scope and archive documents to remove them from the repository


Advanced AI meets expert humans

After helping companies for over 15 years, we know AI works best when there’s a human-in-the-loop. There’s no “Magic AI Button” that alone can deliver the level of precision and accuracy you really need. So, we combine our best-in-class AI technology with a team of experts (lawyers, data scientists, contract experts) who do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, creating a truly effortless experience. 

Speaking of effortless, we recently introduced our GenAI Assistant, your very own legal assistant that reviews, drafts and analyzes contracts and playbooks in seconds.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pramata Cleanse FAQ

Duplicate files, draft contracts and non-contract files don’t just clutter your system, they make reporting unreliable at best and misleading at worst. And if you’re missing amendments or other important documents, you could be missing out on critical changes to your contracts. Pramata’s Cleanse capability sorts through your legacy data to dramatically improve data quality and business adoption – minus the effort.

Most implementations can be completed in less than one week. For larger implementations of hundreds of thousands of files, it can take 2-3 weeks.

No, you don’t have to do any clean-up (labeling or grouping files in a specific way) or de-duplication. Pramata’s AI Cleanse identifies and removes duplicate documents. We’ve had customers send us hundreds of thousands of files and our solution quickly zeros in on the tens of thousands priority contracts.

Yes. All documents sent to Pramata are OCR’d and the image is converted to text.  If a document cannot be OCRed to high quality, our AI Assist Team resolves any quality issues encountered in the extracted data due to poor OCR quality.  If a document cannot be OCRed at all, our AI Assist team steps in to completely review and extract data from these documents manually.

Pramata does not require any metadata to be sent over with the documents.  However, if you have any metadata that allows the identification of a document by customer name, CRM Account ID, Segment, Region, Contract Owner, or other similar information it may be sent to Pramata along with the documents. This can sometimes help in later phases of the project when we are trying to synchronize contracts with CRM accounts.

For our largest implementation, a customer migrated over 5 million files into Pramata. But Pramata isn’t just for F500 companies – our smallest customers use us to manage hundreds or thousands of contracts, more cost effectively than hiring an FTE or contractors.